Pharmacist helps out Victorian neighbours

David Steadman and Alexandra Mills from terry White Chemmart Kincraig in Naracoorte.
David Steadman and Alexandra Mills from terry White Chemmart Kincraig in Naracoorte.

A Naracoorte pharmacist is doing his part to help out the members of the community who may be stuck on the other side of the border.

David Steadman from Terry White Chemmart Kincraig is making sure everyone can access their medications, regardless of border restrictions.

The pharmacy operates a delivery service, which has seen a huge upturn in deliveries to the border communities, so that regular customers in Victoria are still able to fill their prescriptions.

"We have always offered the service, but it has tripled since COVID-19 hit," Mr Steadman said.

"A lot of local people, especially the older ones with current comorbidities that are under threat, have decided to self-isolate themselves.

"The Kincraig Medical Clinic is backing that up with phone consults, which means they don't have to come out and be with people.

"We pick up the prescriptions from the clinic three times a day -morning, midday and afternoon - and then we can process them and deliver them to our customers.

"If it's urgent, the clinic will fax it to us straight away.'

"As restrictions tighten for people over the border, we are picking up more and more deliveries for our Victorian customers - people like to see their own GP, they like their own pharmacy, they like going to their own stock agent, and particularly with health, it is getting more awkward to tell people to go to Horsham, when their whole medical history is here at the local clinic."

With the border restrictions tightening this week, it is a relief for those cross border community members to still be able to access their medications.

"We have two approved couriers, with clearance so there are no issues crossing the border, and if it is a real emergency and is out of our courier times, we will arrange to meet people at the border and hand it over there," Mr Steadman said.

"We don't charge anything for that, it's part of our service."

In an effort to make sure everyone has access to their medications, the pharmacy also has an updated app which allows people to fill their prescriptions from their phones.

"I am surprised by how many of the older people are getting into it - It's something they perhaps wouldn't have used before but now they are seeing the benefit for it," he said.

"Our staff have helped customers to set it up, shown them how to use it and I have been very pleasantly surprised - the customers are really excited."

To arrange delivery of medications, phone the pharmacy on 8762 2158.

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