Five tips for a quick kitchen makeover

Five tips for a quick kitchen makeover

In many households, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so it's a space that needs to both function well and look good. However kitchens are also usually the most expensive room in a house to renovate, which can sometimes prove restrictive.

If your kitchen needs a facelift but your budget doesn't extend to a full reno, the experts at Three Birds Renovations suggest these five tips for giving the room a quick revamp.

1. Upcycle your cupboards

Painting your kitchen cupboards is the best way to totally transform the look of your kitchen without replacing the cabinetry. We recently did a kitchen makeover using paint from the Dulux Renovation Range and the results are quite magical.

The key is all in the preparation. You'll need to clean and prep your cabinetry correctly before beginning and use paint products that are specific to this task. Obviously this isn't a lifelong solution for your cabinetry, but it should buy you a few extra years of good use.

2. Change the handles on your drawers

A bit like changing your jewellery to update an outfit, new handles are a quick and easy way to accessorise your kitchen. If you don't want to splash your cash, there are some great, low-budget options available from local hardware suppliers. You'll just need to check that the new handles will work with your current screw holes, or be prepared to drill some more.

3. Change your appliances

Updating a daggy old fridge or leaky dishwasher will not only be more pleasing on the eye, but make your daily jobs less of a chore! We always recommend investing in quality appliances that may be more expensive upfront but will pay themselves off in the long run. We love Electrolux appliances because they're smart and sustainable for an effortless experience, so, you can concentrate on the more important things, like pouring yourself a perfectly chilled rosé.

4. Paint your tiled splashback

Out of date tiles can be easily erased with the power of paint, and this makes for an easy and affordable way to update your splashback without the cost and work of removing the old tiles. There are tile specific paint products available for this job and the results can be quite impressive.

5. Declutter shelves and restyle

Kitchen shelves are notorious for gathering dust and mess over the years so giving them a good clean and declutter can do wonders for your kitchen. Start by removing everything from the shelves, give them a good wipe down and then replace only the objects that really should be there. We like to group similar items together and avoid overcrowding the space. If you don't have enough shelf space, you could add floating shelves to create a feature in your kitchen.