OPINION | Which COVID-19er are you?

I've looked around at my friends over the last week and realised we're all handling the coronavirus a little differently to each other. Maybe you're the same. See if you can match your gang to these penetrating psychological profiles:

The organised type: "I normally have three weeks supply of everything we ever need in my alphabetised pantry and now I can't even get pasta. I'm stressed out of my mind!" You are the type who stockpiled at the start, but your anxiety is through the roof because you're used to feeling a strong sense of control. Unfortunately for you, control has been canceled until further notice.

The creative free spirit: "Throw it at me! This is weirdly kind of fun." You're coping better than average. You are comfortable with a little chaos and find it entertaining to problem-solve on the run. Might hit a wall when things get boring down the track, though.

The hippie earth mother: "The children are home. I'm making bread from scratch. I'm in heaven." We know your type. You probably homeschool anyway so we're all asking you how to do it. You have a huge vege patch so you're set for fresh food. You were born for this.

The out-of-touch type: "There was an email from school? Didn't read it. School's shut? Wait - what?" You're not on social media and life is too short to keep up with the news. Now you're stuck at home with a toddler, two primary schoolers and a few tins of spaghetti.

The hedonist: "Working from home? Yeah, I'll be 'working from home' in my campsite on the beach." You're the one who did an air punch when lockdown closed the office and shut the schools. You had the camper trailer attached before the end of the news bulletin.

So how'd you go? You'll notice I have only included types who are trying to do the right thing. I know there are some people who are saying, "It's just the flu, what's all the fuss about?" or "No one's going to tell me what to do" or "Let's just let it run its course and the human race will be stronger afterwards." I know those people exist but I'm avoiding them, like, well...the plague.