Local 'bear hunts' keep children smiling

Two Facebook groups in the Kimba and Cleve communities are getting children involved in a town 'bear hunt' by placing their teddy bears and stuffed animals in the windows of their home for others to see.

The worldwide movement has been formed in recent days to curb loneliness in people in self-isolation, as many still have the ability to drive or walk around the neighbourhood and see the bears displayed.

The local Facebook groups are also providing a way for locals to post their bears for others to see online.

Sisters Sarah Meyer and Zoe Traeger formed the Cleve group today, and said it was tough for young children to understand what was going on.

"It's just something small for the little humans that don't really understand why they can't go to the playground, why they can't go to playgroup and all the other things they normally like too," said Mrs Meyer.

Ms Traeger said it had been difficult to explain to her son, almost three, why they had to keep their distance from other people.

"I run the family daycare so we have the washing hands and hygiene down pat," she said.

"But my almost three-year-old loves to go and visit our neighbour, who's a little bit older, and it's hard to explain and for them to get the concept that we have to stay away from people.

"(With the bear hunt) you can walk past or drive, and it's still all about keeping social distance.

"It just brightens up their day and puts a smile back on their faces."

To join the Cleve Bear Hunt, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/619541065266300/ and request to join.

To join the Kimba Bear Hunt, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/563721814351092/ and request to join.

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