Victoria's North East Water warns residents not to flush wipes or tissues

A clogged sewer pipe. Picture: NORTH EAST WATER

A clogged sewer pipe. Picture: NORTH EAST WATER

In light of the huge demand for toilet paper amid coronavirus fears, Victoria's North East Water have warned residents not to flush tissues, wipes or newspaper down the toilet.

For about a week, supermarkets across the country have been struggling to keep toilet paper on the shelves despite restocking everyday.

In a statement to their Facebook page, North East Water warned flushing wet wipes, tissues, newspaper and paper towel can block pipes, cause overflows and even clog sewer pumps.

"Following a week of toilet paper shortages, this is a timely reminder to never flush anything other than the three P's - pee, poo and (toilet) paper down the loo," North East Water said.

"Anything other than toilet paper should go in the bin."

It comes as St Matthews in Albury, NSW, prepares to auction off two boxes of toilet paper at its fete this weekend, with money raised going towards the homeless and pop-up mental health project.