Fox bait collection until March 6

Annual fox baiting distribution in now taking place in a number of locations for Eastern Eyre farmers until March 6.

Natural Resources Management officer Kellie Crosby said it was important for neighbours to work together to bait simultaneously for best results.

"Land managers bait for a variety of reasons including reducing predation on livestock, especially during lambing, as a good neighbour policy, or to protect native wildlife such as birds and reptiles on their property," she said.

The free baits can be collected but landowners are reminded to bring a bucket with a sealed lid for collection.

The number of baits allocated is at the discretion of officers, based on property size and previous usage.

Foxoff and De-Fox are available from NREP offices across Eyre Peninsula when the dried meat bait is unavailable.

Ring 8688 3111 for more information.


  • Tuckey/Rudall - Alsbra Park, Friday February 28 9.30am
  • Mangalo - Mangalo Hall, Monday March 2 9.30am
  • Elbow Hill - Greg Williams Shearing Shed, Tuesday March 3 9.30am
  • Wharminda - Wharminda Hall, Wednesday March 4 9.30am
  • Arno Bay - Baldy Calliss Farm house, Thursday March 5 9.30am
  • Buckleboo -Buckleboo Oval, Friday March 6 9am