Crettenden's retrieval shot 'barks' back

Sport can be so cruel with no chance of a replay...unless you're an AFL goal umpire, or cricket, tennis, NRL, NFL and god knows how many others who have replays these days.

But at little old Cleve your only second chance is if some dude decides to pull out the mobile phone.

Such an occasion occurred on Friday night when "I keep my head down" Crettenden attempted a big recovery shot through the trees on four and made great contact with both ball and tree, subsequently taking evasive action like a coward diving to the dirt as said ball flew back at his head - only his partner with the phone forgot to press record!

It is also bloody cruel when you put together a nice par round off-the-stick and you swagger in with your winning score as did Dan "the man" Bastian (21 points) only to find out you've been pipped on a last hole count back by the night's winner and newcomer to golf Mark "I got this" Beaton.

Speaking of AFL, it is back - well they are running around.

I heard one of the players complain that the game was so tough on his feet he had to get rid of his dog, as he couldn't walk him...imagine what he'd be like if he had children.

Meanwhile Scottie Elleway was the accurate one and Bendigo ball bagger this week picking up the goodies with nearest on one and gorilla drive on nine.

Results: M Beaton 21; D Bastian 21; S Elleway 19; L Bartel 18; I Honan 17; K Baxter 16; A Crettenden 15; T Rodda 15; L Zwar 14; T Weddell 13; N Fitzgerald 12; P Bammann 10; G Norman 9.