'Keep your head down' motto of the week at twilight golf


The key catch cry around the world seems to be "adaptation".

Mainly to do with climate change, but in this case it's drought stricken golfing.

Which thanks to a complete lack of moisture, either from God or the local council, farmer boys Bammann and Crettenden have worked out a policy which might be looked at by ScoMo's mob.

It's called "keep your head down" and then play your best shot without being distracted by coal miners or dodgy playing partners.

For Bammo its something he's well versed in, but now it seems to be rubbing off on Cretty!

Maybe Barnaby could give it a try and see if he can par some holes from the back tee blocks instead of trying it on with miners!

We welcomed a visitor from the Riverland in the form of Janet Turnbull's oldest brother, who found adapting to the dusty fairways and black scrapes quite a challenge.

As for Lauchie Shambrook I'm not sure what his excuse was?

KB Baxter was unlucky to miss out on a ball, after "I kept my head down" Crettenden pipped him at the post for a three way countback.

Similar to what happened in the Korean ladies open in Victoria on the weekend!

Oh and women's footy started on the weekend so I'm sure you're all excited!

Accurate ones and Bendigo ball baggers were Riverland visitor Leigh Krollig on #7; Paul Bammann on #5 and Dylan Jenner on #3.


  • P. Bammann 21;
  • A. Crettenden 18;
  • K. Baxter 18;
  • D. Jenner 17;
  • S. Elleway 16;
  • L. Bartel 16;
  • J.Schubert 15;
  • L. Zwar 14;
  • A. Smith 14;
  • D. Turnbull 14;
  • I. Honan 13;
  • B. Schubert 13;
  • T. Rodda 13;
  • L. Krollig 11;
  • L. Shambrook 6.