Elleway takes first 2020 win

Well 2020 started a bit like the Cowell Fireworks.

Although Scottie Elleway took a leaf out of the Kyrgios camp and put in an effort for the firies.

Nice work mate, and let's hope that's the only smoky we have to worry about this year.

Runner up was Kevin Baxter who hit the ball like a Glen Maxwell six!

The real action on the night though was at the 'afters' barbecue where loosened tongues related stories of 2019 and beyond.

Unfortunately, though I'm sure Cretty will be thankful, they are as likel to be published here as another jet getting shot down by mistake!

The course has a tinge of green in places so get down there next week even if it's only for the tales of despair afterwards.

Accurate ones and Bendigo ball baggers were Bassy on #1 and Scottie E on #6.

Scores: S Elleway 19, K Baxter 16, T Gillings 15, B Schubert 15, D Jenner 14, P Bastian 14, I Honan 13, A Crettenden 13, A Smith 8.

Paul 'I've finished harvest' Bammann pinched the win in the second week of the year in a countback, from Ben 'who rang the bell' Secker.

Other than that scores were similar to 2019; pretty bloody ordinary!

Accurate ones and Bendigo ball baggers this week were Timmy Weddell on #6, Ethan 'I've still got it' Kwaterski on #2 and Bammo on #2.

Scores: P Bammann 18, B Secker 18, G Cook 16, E Kwaterski 16, S Elleway 16, N Fitzgerald 15, L Zwar 13, J Schubert 15, L Shambrook 12, T Rodda 12, D Cummings 11, T Weddell 11, L Bartel 11, A Crettenden 11, I Honan 10.