Saturday bowls resumes for 2020


Matches resume next week, with the ladder after 12 weeks of competition as follows; Cowell 284 points, Cleve 273, Kimba 185, Port Neill 128, Arno Bay 90.


Heat delayed the return of Thursday pennants, with the ladder after 14 weeks as follows; Cowell 130 points, Kimba 100, Wudinna 94 (+5 shots), Cleve 94 (-21 shots), Port Neill 62


Leaders Cleve Green defeated Port Neill by 32 shots in the largest margin of the round.

Cleve Gold edged closer to a final four spot defeating Cowell North by 11 shots while Cowell South won a close game defeating second placed Kimba Blue by three shots.

Both Kimba White and Kimba Red had comfortable wins over Lock and Arno Bay.

Cleve Green 116 shots for 17 points defeated Port Neill 84 shots for three.

Cleve Gold 96 shots for 18 points defeated Cowell North 85 shots for two.

Cowell South 91 shots for 16 points defeated Kimba Blue 88 shots for four.

Kimba White 108 shots for 18 points defeated Lock 84 shots for two.

Kimba Red 103 shots for 18 points defeated Arno Bay 83 shots for two.

The ladder after 12 games is; Cleve Green 199 points, Kimba Blue 174, Cowell North 160, Port Neill 151, Cleve Gold 129, Kimba White 114, Cowell South 105, Arno Bay 88, Kimba Red 68, Lock 12