Resilient community will survive drought

DROUGHT: As drought and fire continue to affect areas across Australia, the community is sticking together.
DROUGHT: As drought and fire continue to affect areas across Australia, the community is sticking together.

Time to stay positive

I am appalled by the negative outlook presented by Muriel Hunt in the Eyre Peninsula Tribune, letters to the editor, December 5.

Yes, we have had poor season, and yes, there's been dust storms and lack of stock feed etc, but how blessed we are that we have been spared the terrible bushfires devastating parts of the eastern states.

We have not had 1000s of head of cattle drowned as North Queensland earlier this year.

We have a caring, resilient community that will continue to support each other and reach out to others as Kirralee Beinke and the women of Cowell and Kimba have recently shown.

The God whom you disparaged in your letter does care for us and will bring us safely to better times.



Return to traditional teaching methods

Each year our print media reports the continuing decline in the literacy and numeracy standards of South Australian students when compared to overseas countries.

The results will be debated enthusiastically and will be followed by the inevitable statement that more funds will be allocated to address this important issue, in an attempt to appease genuine community concerns, but which ultimately will have minimal impact on future results.

I question the literacy and numeracy standards of the so called experts and educational theorists, who firmly believe that increased funding is directly linked to improving our declining literacy and numeracy standards.

It is clearly evident that students need more time allocated to lessons which allow them to develop their literacy and numeracy skills

The current curriculum is overcrowded - classroom teachers agree, but their opinion is repeatedly ignored by those who wish to introduce further subjects/activities to the learning of students.

Traditional program and approaches to numeracy and literacy, which worked successfully for years, have been abandoned because they are from the past and are deemed to be outdated, therefore needing to be replaced by more modern methods.

The old saying, "If it works, don't muck around with it", applies.



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