Practice pays off on Cleve course

WITH Bendigo Golf approaching its final evening for 2019, different players continue to step up each week to claim the win at the twilight event.

Ethan Kwaterski proved that quality practice pays off as he banked his winnings on Friday night with a very handy 21 points.

Meanwhile Scot Elleway, with his new putter grip, showed that watching last week's video inspired him to sink the ones that mattered to take him to 20 points for the evening and this week's title of runner-up.

Perhaps some of us need more than one viewing of the video (self included).

Kwaterski hit more fairways with his driver than Tiger Woods.

His short game was compared to Sergio Garcia who is out in Australia currently, but like Adam Scott, missed the cut at this week's Australian Open.

Accurate ones and Bendigo ball baggers this week were birthday boy Dave Turnbull on number six and Greg Cook on number four.

Rhyce "I've been practising with Ethan" Beinke hit a nice one on number two.

Meanwhile in the AFL...

Nothing happened!

And meanwhile in Sydney one pro was complaining about the smoke haze while blokes with one leg were happily hitting one up the middle in the All-Abilities Golf Championship which is being run in conjunction with the Australian Open, go figure.

Oh and are ladies still playing golf or have they all moved over to BBL and AFLW?

Tomorrow, Friday, December 13 is the last Bendigo Golf night for 2019.

So get along and have a hit at the Cleve Golf Club or head down for a drink and barbecue around 7pm.


E. Kwaterski 21

S. Elleway 20

D. Turnbull 18

J. Shambrook 17

A. Lee 16

K. Baxter 16

J. Kenny 16

M. Claxton 15

D. Jenner 13

G. Cook 12

A. Crettenden 12

N. Fitzgerald 12

E. Weddell 12

I. Honan 10

R. Beinke 10

P. Bammann 10

L. Shambrook 8