Generations learn together at Lock

The Lock Get Up and Goers seniors group has been helping out with the local school, visiting students from the Lock Area School.

On Thursday, November 28 the group visited the year 4/5/6 class for an amazing inter-generational day.

The Get Up and Goers along with grandparents of the students spent some time with the class.

Everyone participated in a descriptive drawing and instruction task and made Christmas decorations to go on display at the Lock Christmas Markets on Friday, December 13.

After the activities they made their way back into the library for morning tea and to learn how to download the library app onto their devices with the young students helping their guests.

The day was the fourth time this year that the Get up and Goers and the year 4/5/6 class have visited each other to spend time together.

The great benefits of inter-generational activities between the two groups are fantastic.