Drought continues to impact communities

DROUGHT: Farmers across the Eastern Eyre region have faced another difficult year.
DROUGHT: Farmers across the Eastern Eyre region have faced another difficult year.

Last night I got to thinking in this dry and droughty god forsaken place.

How there's kids here who've never felt a raindrop on their face.

We had a dry thunderstorm last night, it gave me quite a turn.

And then I thought, why worry, there's no feed left to burn.

The sheep stand motionless, bleating, their faces turned towards the shed.

They know what time it is, it's time that they got fed.

And I stand gazing at my dwindling stack of hay.

Wondering where I'll get some more and how much freight I'll have to pay.

The pet lambs are the happiest as they get bottle fed.

They've ruined our garden, with no beg your pardon, but they don't know their mothers are dead.

The mental health bloke says 'RUOK?'

I say 'No I'm not, grab one end of this hay'.

I'm tired, I've had it, I've been working all darn day.

So if you can't give a hand, then please just go away.

The weatherman says tomorrow more dust and the only wheat crop is covered in rust.

And the minister tells us in God we must trust.

But who'll feed Australia if all us farmers go bust?



Concern remains over nuclear waste facility

I continue to hold concerns towards Kimba being the site for radioactive waste disposal or long-term storage of intermediate radioactive waste.

My concerns relate to the transport of radioactive waste on trucks on the same roads and paths that children catch school buses on.

I don't believe this is safe or a good mix.

Besides, long-term storage is not world's best practice and double handling this waste instead of finding the disposal solution could mean storage becomes more likely permanent in Kimba for generations.

There are too many questions for me still and I don't have full trust in the government to deliver on all the promises made.

Where does that leave us in 100 years' time? Who knows but if there was no money involved would this really be back in Kimba?



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