Bastian takes win at Bendigo Golf

What have twilight golfers got in common with the Aussie cricket team?

Some of them can get 100?

Well that would be easy!

They play on green parklands... nope!

They are well paid... nope!

They have a wonderful sponsor... yep.

They wear spikes... yep.

Other than that, this week's winner, Dan Bastian, has little in common with old Sandpaper Warner.

Fancy going past the Don.

Runner-up on the night was a close call with Lachie Shambrook edging out Iggy Honan on a count-back.

There was a lot of discussion about putting.

It seems everyone needs lessons or maybe just practice.

With Aussie Adam Scott one of the best putters on tour, maybe we will adopt his stand-over practice to help us get to the hole.

Honan reckons his golf balls are like eggs at the moment.

He needs to buy a dozen fresh ones each week!

The Bendigo ball baggers this week were Dan Bastian with a big one on number four, Lachie Shambrook with a close on on number two and young Riley Schubert hit the longest drive on number five and had his dad really worried at that point!

Next week is a stableford and with with women dominating world sport at the moment, let's see some ladies out there.