Farmer Wants a Wife announces six new men looking for love

Six men will appear on the latest season of Farmer Wants a Wife. Photos: Seven
Six men will appear on the latest season of Farmer Wants a Wife. Photos: Seven

Much-loved reality dating show Farmer Wants a Wife will return to our screens next year and the new batch of men looking to find love have been revealed.

Two Queenslanders, two New South Welshman, a Tasmanian and a Victorian will have their quest to find love broadcast on national television when the show returns after a three year hiatus.

It is understood filming will take place early next year with eligible women now encouraged to apply for individual farmers.

Farmer Alex from Cunnamulla in Queensland. Photo: Seven

Farmer Alex from Cunnamulla in Queensland. Photo: Seven

Farmer Alex, Cunnamulla, Queensland

The 28-year-old sheep and cattle farmer describes himself as an energetic larrikin who enjoys being outside and has a love for learning new things like geopolitics.

He is well-traveled having visited 32 countries, is a seasoned Splendour in the Grass attendee and enjoys indie rock and grunge music.

Farmer Alex is looking for someone to keep him company, has the same values and is fiercely loyal to their loved ones as he is.

"I'm into the type of woman that I have a lot in common with and I could see as my best friend," he said.

"I certainly want to find her attractive, but what I really want is someone who shares my interests, who is levelheaded and is fun with a great sense of humour."

If any of Farmer Alex's potential ladies have a heart stopping moment, they will be in good hands.

He won the British Heart Foundation award for CPR.

Farmer Neil from NSW. Photo: Seven

Farmer Neil from NSW. Photo: Seven

Farmer Neil, Crookwell, NSW 

This 42-year-old father of three is a Merino producer who can sweep a woman off her feet just by making the bed every morning with hospital corners.

He also cooks an unforgettable lasagna and can recite Dirty Dancing from start to finish but long walks on the beach confuse him.

"Why not walk on the path... its' easier. If you're on the beach, go for a swim," he said.

He is looking for an honest girl and a team player who is family orientated and active.

"Having lost hands that I thought were winners, I've learned to control my emotions, display little and learn lessons," he said.

Queensland's Farmer Sam. Photo: Seven

Queensland's Farmer Sam. Photo: Seven

Farmer Sam, Innisfail, Queensland

This 27-year-old tropical fruit farmer has a heart of gold and a pretty dry sense of humour to go with it.

He is looking for a woman with a big heart, who is caring, trustworthy, and fun but they'll have to be able to handle lots of Italian food.

"I'm full Sicilian and of course I love food," he said.

"I've got a lot of love to give and am looking for someone to share that with.

"I was born and raised on a tropical fruit and sugarcane farm, so there won't be any cattle to round up or cows to milk in the early morning - just plenty of fruit to eat, driving lessons on my big tractor and, of course, plenty of mud to rip up on the quad bike."

Farmer Jack from Victoria. Photo: Seven

Farmer Jack from Victoria. Photo: Seven

Farmer Jack, Harrow, Victoria

Merino woolgrower Jack is 27 and describes himself as adventurous, empathetic and loyal.

The outdoors, travelling, exercise and debating are among his favourite things and trust and communication are two qualities that are really important in his relationships.

"I'm most happy when I'm with someone who is present with me so I can be a better person," he said.

"I think I have far more depth than people may believe. I love to think and talk about the big questions."

Farmer Nick. Photo: Seven

Farmer Nick. Photo: Seven

Farmer Nick, Deviot, Tasmania 

If you fancy a good drop of wine, 44-year-old Farmer Nick could be the man for you.

Coming from a vineyard, he knows a thing or two about a good pairing and isn't afraid to protect his girl in a sticky situation.

"I protected my ex-girlfriend from a coyote who tried to attack her while we were watching a meteor shower on top of a mountain," he said.

"I held her hand while she received five or so giant rabies shots. It was gnarly."

Farmer Harry, Goolgowi, NSW

Farmer Harry, 28, is a small-town country boy who enjoys the simple life on his farm, which features grapes, cotton and sheep.

He will show his romantic side by lighting a fire and accompanying it with some chilled drinks, a roast dinner and some good music. That'll be waiting for his special lady all before she arrives home.

That woman will hopefully be easy going, love a laugh and not afraid to try new things.

"She needs to be able to hold her own but also be able to support me, as I will her," he said.

"Trust is without a doubt the biggest thing for me. If I can trust someone, the rest will take shape naturally. Loyalty is also important to me, as well as a passion for enjoying life, not just living it."

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