Three-way tie in Cleve golf



Jay Schubert cleaned up on Friday night but a few simple errors have cost him dearly.

His partners Ethan Kwaterski and Dylan Jenner had identical scores, which would start alarm bells ringing in any match fixing forum or maybe even the World Anti-Doping Agency!

Luckily the three musketeers were audited by the new reliable captain fantastic, Trent 'Pal' Rodda.

Incidentally while Iggy Honan was making presentations, Rodda continually interjected when absentee winners such as Schubert were unable to collect trophies, saying "He lives close to me, I'll take that for him".

Not that we are casting aspersions on aforesaid captain but he not only wanted Schubert's balls and money, he also wanted to deliver Kwaterski's runner-up prize.

Then when elder statesman Dave Cummings from Kimba won the nearest the pin prize, Rodda shouts out "Yeah I live close to him as well".

P.S. You need to hang around for the presentation if you want to collect your shekels, which means the Super Six Pointer will jackpot next week.

In other weekend news, it was nice to see the Aussie cricket team actually win a game without Steve Smith having to make 300.

And now we all know who Marnus Whatashame is.

But what I want to know is:

A) How can Imran Khan still be playing test cricket?

B) Doesn't he have a country to run now?

So the accurate ones this week and Bendigo ball baggers were Lachie Shambrook on two. (Pick up the pin guys when you finish the hole and you are the last group).

New member Mark Beaton had a cracker shot on four to get the money, hitting the pin from 140 metres out.

And on number six, as stated above, Dave Cummings skun one through the creek and it looks like he has a mortgage on that hole now.


  • J. Schubert 19
  • E. Kwaterski 19
  • D. Jenner 19
  • B. Secker 18
  • T. Weddell 17
  • I. Honan 16
  • S. Elleway 16
  • T. Rodda 16
  • D. Turnbull 15
  • A. Lee 14
  • L. Shambrook 14
  • L. Bartel 14
  • L. Zwar 13
  • M. Beaton 13
  • J. Kenny 11