Arno Bay Dirt Circuit presentations | PHOTOS

The race for the 2019 Arno Bay Dirt Circuit Club Champion trophy has ended in a draw.

The club held its annual general meeting and season presentations on Saturday November 16.

The presentations for the year saw the "little fella" Ian Ellis Junior take out the Street Stock Champion with not so little but young Jack Grainger awarded runner -up despite his mishaps and having to rebuild a car mid year.

Mark (Doggy) Baldock managed to nail third position followed by Ian Worth and Dylan Broome.

Andrew Schmitt won the Modified class followed by brothers Tom and Shane Harris.

Husband and wife team Damo and Kate Morgan ended up with equal points in fourth position (much to Damo's despair??).

Josh Smith got fifth with his super fast whistling car.

Kym Schmitt (Andy and Kate's Dad) blitzed the Open Wheeler Class - with father and son Ian and Glen Wedding coming in second and third.

Pete Darling nabbed fourth place despite injuries to his car and missed meets throughout the year.

Ian Ellis Junior (who is rumoured to not yet be 13 years of age) and Andy Schmitt drew on 194 points as club champions for the Cliff Harris Memorial Trophy.

Dylan Francis Kent drove like a champion to gain Rookie of the year - amazing performance for another young gun!

17 year old Chloe Provis amazed members and spectators with her persistent efforts to fix the Oh "O" rings in her race car on her own - a lot of the time - whilst her dad Chris was busy working.

Chloe got the well deserved Most Improved Trophy.

Dipstick of the Year went to the club's very own taxi cab owner member - Noel Watts.

Earlier in the year he spent so much time off the track - perhaps waiting for a fare?

Couldn't be anything to do with erratic driving at all - surely??

Most entertaining too!

Noel's driving ability was a force to be reckoned with late season - however we won't mention the brutal treatments of his brand new car trailer or his unconventional methods of checking his fuel!

Look out for Noel in the cab next year, he might be hard to catch!!

Club Person of the Year was shared by Gloria Chesson and Nicolle Harris.

The hours these women donated to the club is immeasurable.

Nicolle non-stop kept every member in the loop and dealt with any arising issues like a true champion and did so much behind the scenes - not noticed by a lot - but yes THE ROCK of our club will be missed!

Gloria also spent countless hours obtaining grants and maintaining the books for many years and has been in the role of treasurer for the past five years.

The AGM saw some reliable members remain on the committee with Tom Harris and David Couzner returning as president and vice president respectively.

Phillipa Grainger has been elected as secretary to give Nicolle Harris a rest whilst Nicolle and Tom await the arrival of their number two munchkin - however Nicolle has taken on assistant secretary to help break Phillipa into the role.

Trish Darling is the new treasurer - replacing Gloria Chesson.

Maddi Harris will be assisting Trish - who has the benefit of owning the Arno Bay Post Office which should make transactions easier.

Hayden Harris will be "Head Honcho" as clerk of the course next year and as track manager.

Jeff Francis will keep the pits in line as pit marshall and chief scrutineer.

All other roles were filled by countless volunteers and workers to ensure 2020 won't disappoint the crowds.

Thanks to everyone for keeping Arno Bay Sporting Club cars rolling!

We look forward to a successful 2020 - Bring it ON!!!