Generational battle on Cleve greens

Well there is a bit of an ageism debate going on in Australia right now, with the likes of retired AFL player Barry Hall collecting half a million dollars for a 12-minute boxing match against some old ARL player.

Meanwhile on Friday night, our resident pensioner Dave 'I'm 82' Cummings toppled young gun Jack Kenny to collect the money, both having 18 points, proving there is no ageism in golf.

They were closely followed by Scotty Elleway and Dylan Jenner on 17 points, while last week's bushrangers had a reality check with their new handicaps.

However, Ethan 'I got away with it' Kwaterski still had a respectable 16 points on his new marker.

Peter 'Turtle' Crosby was the real winner, robbing the Bendigo Bank's 'Super Six' Jackpot, which was almost as much as the profit margin on a ton of wheat this year!

The accurate ones were Dylan 'Dilbo' Jenner on number four and Cummings on number six, who also sank the putt from the edge of the scrape for a handy birdie and four pointer.

Speaking of ageism, it was super to see young Coby Crosby out and we are always supportive of any juniors who would like to either try out or play golf.

While we are on 'isms', it was nice to see some of the female gender out and hitting the club's cider stocks heavily.


D. Cummings 18, J. Kenny 18, D. Jenner 17, S. Elleway 17, E. Kwaterski 16, P. Crosby 15, K. Baxter 14, A. Lee 13, R. Beinke 12, L. Bartel 12, L. Zwar 11, L. Shambrook 11, I. Honan 10, M. Beaton 10, C. Crosby hcp.