Handicap drama at twilight golf

Twilight golf

Twilight golf

Imagine being ripped off by one of the Big Four banks (not Bendigo), well that's how twilight golfers felt after the bushrangers rode into town with dodgy handicaps and 'robbed the bank'.

Ethan Kwaterski with 22 points was the leader of the gang, with Jack 'Kenyagivememore' Kenny, 21, also pocketing the loot.

So here are their robbers' handicaps, conveniently made up on the night, versus the real ones they had last year.

Kwaterski's invented handicap was 15, Kenny and Lachlan 'Shambles' Shambrook had 15 instead of 12, Rhyce 'Rissoles' Beinke had 15 instead of 14 and the honest Jay Schubert stayed on 10.

Well now the Handicap Royal Commission has that sorted and just so you all know, there is no appeal process.

Other good scores on the night were Dylan Jenner with an honest 19 points and Pete 'Turtle' Crosby with 18.

Considering it was difficult to even stand up straight with the gale force southerly, this is pretty handy golf.

As for the rest of the mob, the term 'negative equity' - one of those banking terms that I never understand but know it's no good - probably describes the result.

'On the money' accurate ones this week were Rissoles on number two and Dilbo Jenner on number six, bagging the Bendigo balls.

Speaking of balls, Iggy Honan reckons the best balls he hit all night were when he stood on the rake on number five.

There is a barbecue snack after golf around 7pm and anyone can call in for a snack and a drink and enjoy the banter.


E. Kwaterski 22, J. Kenny 21 (dodgy brothers), D. Jenner 19, P. Crosby 18, R. Beinke 17, J. Schubert 14, L. Shambrook 13, S. Elleway 13, T. Rodda 12, N. Fitzgerald 12, D. Cummings 12, I. Honan 10, M. Beaton H'cap