Rate relief would help


AS another season of below average rainfall affects much of the state, the idea of rate relief has been suggested to our state government.

I would like to see this idea embraced by our state government as small councils have not got the ability to keep running without regular payments of rates.

No one deliberately misses out on paying rates, it is a financial position that businesses get themselves into from downturns caused by dry seasons.

I would like to see the balance of bad debt owed to councils refinanced interest free by our government.

This financial burden would be best if honoured by the federal government who have allocated resources for drought relief.

State governments, like local government, just do not have the financial resources for such huge debts.

It is great to see Kimba finally getting a doctor service similar to our limited service at Cowell.

Kimba like Cowell relies on our efficient flying doctor service for emergencies.

We have not always got appropriate health professionals in the country and the RFDS plays a vital role.

Preparation for digging our small, 40-berth marina has finally begun and it is great to see this progress.

The Coolanie water scheme is also progressing well, the third council-managed water scheme in the Franklin Harbour district, with the other two schemes supplying Lucky Bay and Port Gibbon.

T-Ports is currently busy with this year's harvest, with very competitive prices posted at Lucky Bay.

The employment opportunities this has created is great, well done T-Ports.


Franklin Harbour district mayor