Students share their school spirit

The Cowell Area School community had a chance to celebrate last week with the SRC organising a Gala Day.

Despite last week's heatwave, the Friday event saw perfect conditions for student-run games, food and drink.

Students worked in shifts to run stalls and activities of their own choosing, with the wider community invited to join in.

Some students ran games of volleyball and basketball between different year levels and even staff, with the children enjoying seeing their teachers take part.

Others ran food stalls or a variety of other activities including bubble soccer and an oyster-themed pie throwing booth.

Local community groups and members including the Cowell Interchurch Council and local police were involved on the day.

Deputy principal Colleen Peters said the event was usually held once every two years, with an emphasis on promoting community spirit.

"It's about developing our school culture, engaging the community," she said.

While the day is also a school fundraiser, Mrs Peters said the focus this year was mainly on providing free and affordable fun.

SRC manager Lani Hartwig said the day gave the students a chance to take responsibility and learn about contributing to the community.

She said it also gave students the chance to socialise with other year levels and the wider community, which was part of a school focus in 2019.

"Through the year we've been working on building positive relationships," she said.