Heat was on for bowlers

Despite warm weather impacting some midweek games as the temperature approached 40 degrees, the Eastern Eyre bowls season continues with teams from across the region having wins in the Saturday mixed pennant competition.

Wednesday men's pennant

In the men's pennant matches on Wednesday, Cowell took the victory with two wins, 158 shots for 36 points against the Port Neill side who had 87 shots for four points.

Cleve, with two wins, 151 shots for 30 points, defeated Arno Bay 97 shots for 10 points.

Kimba had the bye.

Thursday ladies pennant

The association's ladies pennant bowls was cancelled for the week due to the heat rule.

Saturday open gender pennant

In the mixed bowls on Saturday, Cleve Green and Kimba Blue continued their good form with wins.

Arno Bay 107 shots for 17 points defeated Kimba Red 86 shots for three.

Cleve Green 104 shots for 16 points defeated Port Neill 87/4.

Cowell North 97 shots for 18 points defeated Cleve Gold 95 shots for two.

Kimba Blue 93 shots for 16 points defeated Cowell South 88 shots for four points.

Kimba White 123 shots for 20 points defeated Lock 65 shots for 0.

Eastern Eyre bowls team

The Eastern Eyre Peninsula Bowling Association has named its team to compete in the association match at Streaky Bay this Sunday, November 3.

Any players who will be unavailable for the match are asked to contact John Schumann on 0439 207 042.


K. Shepherd

N. Millard

J. Grund

D. Noble


S. Edwards

B. Dolling

D. Burke

P. Keam


N. Ryan

B. Jacobs

R. Haywood

G. Edwards


N. Vaughn

N. Kaye

G. Tiller

J. Braun


L. Edwards

D. Beard

G. Calliss

L. Vidler

R. Eatts