Perfect track for riders at Kimba

GREAT EFFORT: Seth Gregory never gave in in the 125cc-250cc class at Kimba.
GREAT EFFORT: Seth Gregory never gave in in the 125cc-250cc class at Kimba.

THE Port Lincoln Motorcycle Club held a ride day at the Kimba MX track on September 22 and with rain leading up to the event conditions were perfect.

Riders from all across the Eyre Peninsula attended this long awaited event.

Junior riders on the 50cc to 85cc size bikes were exciting to watch with a lot of new faces attending and showing great skills.

Brody Zibell was out front on a borrowed 85cc machine and for his first time riding this bike it was a great day's riding.

Koby Miller was in pursuit and although he was not able to keep pace with the front two riders, he never gave up.

Levi Mullens, Nicole Modystach and Sari Letton rode in the next group and provided some fantastic duels to watch with places swapping every lap and all having a great time.

Young Tao Letton was in a casual mood all day and after a few rides decided he needed a day off the bike.

He has had a very successful year of competition so that was totally understandable.

Another new rider was Leo Schmit who rode his new 65cc bike, putting in a great effort and having a great time.

The 125cc-250cc juniors was a hot field of riders with the first three having close battles, especially after the lunch break.

Local rider Jack Lienert and Wudinna boy Chad Sparrow put on some awesome rides and then Banjo Lawrence decided he would join in the fun in the last two rides and the three boys put on a show.

Campbell O'Brien rode really well but just could not hang with the first three boys. He is improving each ride on the new bike.

Lani Kemp also borrowed a bike and had a great day.

Apart from a few small drops in corners and one incident off the start due to listening to her big brother she is getting better with every ride.

Probably the best efforts in this class would have to go to young Ellie Williams and Seth Gregory who chased each other every lap and never gave in, trying right to the end.

Ellie Williams rode well in the 125cc-250cc class at Kimba.

Ellie Williams rode well in the 125cc-250cc class at Kimba.

Well done to all the junior riders especially to the first timers at MX and those on borrowed or new bikes.

They should be very proud of their efforts.

The senior class had the superfast state title riders attend with Siegah Ward leading the way from Zac Hoffrichter and Rhys Kemp in hot pursuit.

Jared Hoffrichter started the day well but also decided he would have a fun day's riding and took some of his pace off to work on his technical skills.

Dion Quinn showed he still is extremely fast and should be racing state titles as he would be well up the front in any class.

Ward was in a league of his own so he was handicapped and made to start on the second gate drop with the older more sensible riders of the class.

This made him chase hard and it was amazing to watch his passing skills.

Jesse Kemp was riding at a good pace all day with Dustin Sparrow on the chase and proved he can ride an MX track well even if he says he is no good.

Conrad Noske put on a great day's riding and kitchen designer extraordinaire Shannon Miller even pulled on the gear and blasted a few laps out.

A huge congratulations must go out to all the crew that put on a great day's riding especially Billy Lienert and Michael Kemp, along with the local council for its support, all crew that held a flag out in the rain and all the helpers that cooked the shared barbecue lunch that was a huge effort.

The club will be back next year running events in the Kimba area and at the MX track so come and enjoy an action packed sport.