Strategies to help through drought

New Red Cross community support officer Jasmin Piggott has travelled to Melbourne to meet with support officers across the country as the Australian Red Cross works on delivering drought relief programs.

Mrs Piggott is one of four support officers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, who came with varying experience in community drought support.

She had previously worked as a wellbeing coordinator for the Franklin Harbour district and said it was valuable to get the opportunity to speak to people from different parts of the country about how they were tackling drought in their regions.

"It was really good to work together to talk about what's worked and what hasn't," she said.

Mrs Piggott said much of the trip was about discussing strategies to assist the wellbeing of farmers through drought conditions and looking at what might be effective in each region.

She said the program would be partly about adapting strategies the Red Cross used in times of emergency to work for a more prolonged period.

"Drought doesn't have a start or end point like a fire or a flood," she said.

One strategy Mrs Piggott said she was considering was a certified farmer first aid course which provided tools for managing on-farm accidents while also incorporating some information about managing wellbeing as a farmer.

She said through representing Red Cross, her role would also be to provide a link between community organisations on the Eyre Peninsula and government programs.

"It's about being that neutral person to get the best outcome for the communities," she said.

She said each Eyre Peninsula community had its own set of leaders and she was hoping to collaborate with councils and local volunteers to make sure support strategies were right for each district.