Cowell's day in the park

Cowell marked the Monday public holiday with a day in the park as part of Mentally Fit EP's road trip for Mental Health Week.

About 65 people headed to the Lions Park throughout the day for a variety of activities including come-and-try dragon boat racing, yoga and children's games and activities including a popular town-wide scavenger hunt.

The Franklin Harbour Button Club put on a free barbecue, while the Little Coffee Pot brought a steady stream of locals and tourists alike to the park.

Cowell Wellbeing Group's Jasmin Piggott said the group saw the long weekend as the perfect time to partner with Mentally Fit EP to bring the community together.

"We thought it would be a good opportunity," she said.

"A day at the park is a good way to bring things together."

Lain Montgomerie from Mentally Fit EP said she enjoyed working with the Cowell Wellbeing Group because of what different members of the community were willing to bring to the table.

"It's nice to bring everyone together and have something for everyone," she said.

As part of the organisation's road trip, Mentally Fit EP distributed goodie bags with information about both mental and physical health resources for both adults and children.

Mentally Fit EP has also partnered with Country Outback Health and can now assist people in getting a referral to assist them in managing mental health.

Ms Montgomerie said the organisation aimed to address the gap caused by a lack of access to GPs, because seeing a doctor about mental health can be harder in small country towns.

"Sometimes that referral can be the hardest step," she said.

She said anyone could contact Mentally Fit EP either in person, over the phone or even through a Facebook message to speak about getting a referral.