Successful burn at Bascombe Well

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) fire crews have successfully completed a burn in Bascombe Well Conservation Park.

NPWS Fire Management Officer Aaron Macumber said Thursday's conditions provided a window of opportunity to conduct a burn in the area, which had very disconnected fuels and needed high winds and dry conditions to carry and be successful.

"Burning along the edge of the area, completed last autumn, created a fuel break that was four kilometres long and an average of 300 metres deep," he said.

"This allowed crews to safely burn the fuels alongside it, while managing any risk of escapes.

"It's important for the community to know we plan these burns very carefully, over long periods of time, and consider all risks to ensure we can manage them effectively."

Mr Macumber said crews delayed the burn until conditions were ideal using Bureau of Meterology forecasts and detailed calculations of fire spread.

"Crews conducted the burn under the diminishing winds and ahead of 20 millimetres of rain overnight, delivering an excellent result," he said.

"The pre-planning, expertise and resources available to NPWS meant that we were able to safely conduct this burn in these conditions.

"Understandably, burn-offs by private landholders without such resources were not encouraged."