A long walk in teens' steps

OFF HE GOES: Former Lock resident Steve Woore sets out on his adventure.

OFF HE GOES: Former Lock resident Steve Woore sets out on his adventure.

Following in the footsteps of two teenagers from the 1840s, Steve Woore is making a near 500-kilometre trek from Fowlers Bay to Mount Drummond.

Mr Woore, originally from Lock and now living in Adelaide, said he was fascinated with the story of the boys who left behind their lives as whalers at Fowlers Bay in 1843 to get to Port Lincoln.

Samuel Harris, 14, and George Cummings, 16, walked to Mount Drummond where they flagged down a ship for Port Lincoln.

"I'm born and bred in Lock and at some stage I heard about these two boys who did a runner from Fowlers and made their way down the coast. I was roughly their age when I heard about it and was impressed with their bravery and toughness," Mr Woore said.

"It bubbled in the back of my mind and as I've got older I've come to do some long distance solo hiking over the last 10 to 15 years, and the idea popped up when I visited family in the area and thought I'd have a crack."

Mr Woore departed from Fowlers Bay on Sunday, September 1 - tapping a notice board telling of the story to mark the start - and enjoyed a rest day in Ceduna visiting family before getting back on the road towards Smoky Bay.

Speaking in Ceduna, Mr Woore said the trip was going well.

"There were testing times physically with the terrain I was covering and the sandy beaches were a challenge with a 15-kilogram pack on my back."

Mr Woore said the walk was designed to raise awareness of the journey.

"I have enjoyed reacquainting myself with the gorgeous coastline and meeting a few interesting characters along the way - it has been great to meet the friendly, honest folks around here."

The 53-year-old stopped in Sheringa earlier this week and expects to tap the sign at Mount Drummond to mark the end of the trip around noon tomorrow, Friday, September 20.