Karawatha "rapt" with $6000 top

ROBUST RAM: Landmark Kimba manager Simon Arcus, buyers Megan and Shannan Larwood, holding Alfie, co-principal Dion Woolford, and Landmark stud stock's Gordon Wood.
ROBUST RAM: Landmark Kimba manager Simon Arcus, buyers Megan and Shannan Larwood, holding Alfie, co-principal Dion Woolford, and Landmark stud stock's Gordon Wood.


2019 2018

Offered 120 112

Sold 120 112

Top $6000 $5800

Av $2131 $2502

A LINE-UP of "robust wool-producing" sires caught buyers' attention at Karawatha Park stud's 17th annual on-property sale at Kimba last week, with the Poll Merino stud achieving full clearance and a $6000 top price.

The stud increased its offering by eight rams this year, clearing all 120 for a $2131 sale average.

A ram sired by a syndicate of four, Leahcim and Wallaloo Park-blood rams made the $6000 top price and was sold to buyer of 10 years, Shannan Larwood, Buckleboo.

Weighing 93.5 kilograms, it had a 16.4 micron fleece measuring 2.5 standard deviation, 15.3 coefficient of variation and 100 per cent comfort factor.

The ram recorded 151.3 on the Dual Purpose Plus index and 156.2 on the Merino Production Plus index, with values of 5.3 yearling weight and 18.1pc yearling clean fleece weight.

Mr Larwood said he "chased" rams with white, stylish wool with a long staple length and good fertility.

"We changed to a six-month shearing two years ago, so when selecting rams we focus on staple length to start with," he said. "We also focus on density too because we want to make sure we can grow a lot of wool."

Mr Larwood said during a sale, he aimed to operate at the top end of the catalogue and the ram's fibre measurements were the "most impressive" in the line-up.

"Figures do not lie and we need those figures to help maintain a 20M fleece," he said.

Mr Larwood joins about 850 Merino ewes to Merino rams for six weeks in November, for an April/May lambing.

Mr Larwood secured a further two rams, averaging $4866 across the three.

The $5000 second-highest price ram was bought by Pat Hannan & Co, Cockaleechie.

It weighed 87.5kg and its 18.1M fleece measured 3.1SD, 17.1CV and 99.9CF.

The ram also recorded 156.4 on the Dual Purpose Plus and 157.3 on the Merino Production Plus indices.

They secured a total of seven rams, averaging $3542.

Stud co-principal Dion Woolford said considering the season, he was "rapt" with the result.

"After last year's sale result we were confident we had the depth to offer more rams this year and the sale was definitely hot early," he said.

Mr Woolford described the top price ram as a "good all-rounder".

"That particular syndicate helped to put top-grade rams into the sale - we DNA tested the tops from that syndicate to see which ram was responsible for each ram," he said.

"(When we get the results) it will provide increased accuracy from a figures point view and allow us to use the sire on its own."

Mr Woolford said maintaining the stud's breeding focus throughout a long period of time was "vital" for genetic progression.

"We have stayed true to our direction to benefit our clients," he said.

The volume buyer, Pandurra Pastoral, Port Augusta, put together an impressive draft of 17 rams, paying to $800.

River Park Farming, Port Pirie, operated at the top end of the sale and took six rams to $4400, averaging $3900.

LS&JM Newton Trust, Port Lincoln, bought eight rams to $2400, averaging $1312, while Hillsea Station, Port Lincoln, took seven to $3000, averaging $1728.

Nalino Props, Kimba, took six to $2400, averaging $2316, and Breezy Hill Ag, Booleroo Centre, bought six to $2200, $1433.

Landmark stud stock's Gordon Wood said Karawatha Park's line-up showed the stud's ability to maintain a reputation for breeding "robust wool-producing" rams.

"To clear that many rams on the Eyre Peninsula, which is still having a tough season, is incredible," he said.

"Local support was really strong and it was evident that rams with good data were most popular to buyers."

Mr Wood said rams that had figures in the top 10 per cent to 20pc for the breed in YWT and YCFW attracted the most bidding competition.

"Outside of those numbers the competition did drop back slightly in the sale," he said.

"It was still a competitive sale considering the top price ram was sold at lot 15."

The sale was conducted by Landmark Kimba with Mr Wood as auctioneer.