Eastern Eyre Football grand finals | PHOTOS

A grade

Kimba 16.9 (105) def Eastern Ranges 8.6 (54)

The grand final played at Corey Enright Oval, Kimba was played with a three to four goal breeze towards the Kimba town end.

Ranges won the toss and went with it.

The matchups between Kimba's Brook Seal and Ranges' Elliott Claxton and the tussle between Jess Kemp for Kimba and Hank Burton for Ranges provided entertainment early.

Jake Bruce kicked the first goal for the day for Ranges, who seemed to settle down and take control of the game.

Player-coach Pat Jenner kicked two in a row before Kimba made a move, sending Jess Kemp from centre half forwards to loose in defence.

The Ranges midfield of Dean Storic, Bruce and Jack Kenny were on top, with Bruce kicking a ripper goal from 50 metres out to give his team a four goal lead.

Kimba responded with a great passage of play; Kemp bringing the ball from defence to captain Joel Fitzgerald, who passed to young Bailey Francis for the first goal for the Tigers.

This proved to be the spark Kimba needed, and Fitzgerald kicked Kimba's second goal for the day in the dying second of the quarter, reducing the Ranges lead to 13 points at the first break.

Ethan Kwaterski posted the Ranges' first goal for the second quarter against the wind.

Ranges' intensity was solid with plenty of tackling and pressure acts and it took Kimba until 12 minutes into the quarter to score their first goal through Fitzgerald despite kicking with the wind.

Only minutes later Kimba's Nick Collins snapped a ripper, followed by Ryley Maitland reading the pack well and soccering through another, giving Kimba a four point lead at the long break.

The third quarter is often referred to as the premiership quarter, and this game proved why as Kimba came out to play after half time.

Against the wind, they kicked the first three goals.

Ranges' tackling pressure and intensity from the first half was all but gone.

Kenny was Ranges' only shining light.

Kimba didn't seem to have any standout players, but took control of the game in a complete team effort.

They had Kemp playing at centre half back and Dylan Bone, Dion Woolford, Shannan Larwood and co stood up to keep Ranges scoreless with the wind until the 14 minute mark, when Bruce kicked a great goal from the 50 metre arc.

Kimba responded with Fitzgerald's fifth goal for the day to give them a 21 point lead at the final break.

Ranges weren't going to lay down and Storic, playing at full forward, goaled early in the final quarter.

Both teams fought hard for the next ten minutes until Fitzgerald marked on the boundary and goaled from 40 out.

Pat Jenner replied with a great goal, desperately trying to lift his team, but captain Fitzgerald stepped up again with a goal and from there, Kimba never looked back.

They went on to kick another five goals and completely outclass the Ranges.

Besides Fitzgerald finishing with eight goals for the day, Kimba's team effort was very even to run out 2019 premiers.

Dylan Bone was awarded best on ground for the day.

Thanks to the umpires visiting from Far West for the day, who did a great job.

B grade

Eastern Ranges 5.8 (38) def Kimba 5.2 (32)

Well what a great game of B grade.

Kimba came in with nothing to lose, with Ranges being undefeated, and almost caused a major upset.

Kimba won the toss and kicked with the breeze.

Nick Pengelley and Jack Chinnery of Kimba kicked the first two goals for the day, and Ranges responded with Dylan Jenner kicking two goals without moving from the goal square, giving Ranges a two point lead at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter the Kimba defence and midfield worked hard to keep Ranges to one Matt Beinke goal while kicking one themselves through Kurt Wright against the 3-4 goal wind.

Ranges lead by four points at half time.

In the third quarter Aaron Johnstone of Kimba chipped in a goal to give the Tigers the lead once again.

Kimba's Ben Hopgood was yellow carded for an undisciplined act, abusing the umpire and leaving the Tigers with 17 on the field.

Kimba's coach Daniel Schilling stepped up with a goal to stretch their lead regardless.

There was a big clash of bodies between Kimba's Matt Shipard and Ranges' Tony Evans, showing the commitment and intensity of the game from both sides.

Dylan Jenner missed a sitter in front of goals, but Nathan Peters grubbed through a goal to keep Ranges in touch, Kimba leading by one point at the end of the third quarter.

Kimba, with nothing to lose, absolutely gave everything they had in the last quarter.

Ranges' Ashley 'Percy' Butterfield kicked the winning goal with only two minutes left on the clock to get Ranges across the line by six points.

It was a great B grade final overall, with Klay Harris of Eastern Ranges named best on ground.

Senior Colts

Eastern Ranges 17.13 (115) def Ports 2.4 (16)

The Ranges were clear favourites to win the 2019 flag in the senior colts.

They had gone undefeated all season and in the grand final they did not disappoint.

However, Ports gave their all through the game and had some great passages of play.

Both sides had plenty of quality pressure acts.

Riley Evans for Ranges, who kicked the first goal for the day, played a great game to win the best on ground medal in a dominant Eastern Ranges performance.

Junior Colts

Kimba 4.5 (29) def Eastern Ranges 2.4 (16)

Kimba won the toss and kicked 2.1 with the breeze, keeping Ranges scoreless.

In the second quarter, Ranges pegged back a goal and Kimba worked hard into the wind to score two points.

During the all important third quarter Kimba were able to kick another two goals and two points, holding Ranges scoreless once again.

In the final quarter, Ranges gave all they had to add a goal and three points, returning the favour of holding Kimba scoreless.

Kimba were too good in the end, with association best and fairest Mac Seal winning best on ground.