Eastern Eyre Netball grand finals | PHOTOS

A grade

Eastern Ranges 46 def Kimba 40

The A grade once again was going to be a great game against the top two sides for the season in Eastern Ranges and Kimba.

Kimba came out of the blocks quickly and jumped the Ranges girls to be 5-1 goals up at the start of the game.

To the Ranges girls' credit they settled and came back in the middle of the quarter.

Erin Roberts was getting her hands to a lot of loose balls and putting pressure on outside of the Kimba goal circle to allow the ball to bounce back to the Ranges attack end.

The Ranges were up by two at quarter time.

Kimba came out firing again at the start of the second quarter to work their way in front to be two up halfway way through the quarter.

Lauren Simes and Amy Allen were working well as a defensive combination in the ring, to make the Kimba goalies work extra hard to get the ball into their goal circle.

Kate Cmrlec was offering and feeding the Ranges goalies well at WA.

The Ranges girls fought back towards the end of the second quarter to be one up going into half time.

Both teams made positional changes at half time.

The Ranges brought Fiona Evans into the WA position which gave them a bit more height in their mid-court.

Fiona always feeds the goalies well and it was no different in this game.

Keeley Mason was made to work hard by the Kimba defenders but she stood up to the challenge.

The third quarter was another closely contested one with the Ranges only increasing their lead to two at three quarter time.

This set the game up for a fantastic last quarter of the game.

The Ranges girls were determined to win this game and started the last quarter very strongly getting a jump on Kimba to get to seven up early.

Ny Gillings was still working tirelessly in C in both defence, getting some crucial intercepts and in attack, feeding the goalies extremely well.

Tamika Rehn has played a fantastic finals series and worked extremely hard and shot extremely well all game and was awarded the best on court for the grand final.

The Eastern Ranges ended up winning the game 46-40.

B grade

Kimba 45 def Eastern Ranges 35

The much anticipated B grade netball grand final did not disappoint the vocal crowd, with Kimba victorious by 10 goals, earning themselves their fourth premiership in a row.

In perfect playing conditions, the contest was high pressure and intense from the first whistle, with both teams finding their best hard to come by early.

Both teams eventually settled down and got goals on the board but scores were tied at 10 all after the first 15 minutes of the match, setting the game up for a great tussle.

Kimba and Ranges both made changes to their teams in the second quarter, Kimba bringing the ever reliable Kellie Wilson onto the wing, while injecting Rachel Yates's experience into Centre.

Ranges also made centre court changes.

They had opportunities to edge in front during the quarter but Kimba's solid defence by Meagan Lienert and Desi Hannan held strong with great rebounding which kept Kimba in touch.

Neither team was willing to give up a lead at the long break and the scores were once again tied at 20 all.

The third quarter saw more changes by both teams, but Kimba settled quickly and went up a gear, led by their GA Lateisha Ramsey who shot with 100% accuracy for the quarter, backed up by GS Laura Fitzgerald's outstanding shooting while both under pressure from the Ranges defenders.

Kimba's centre court in Kim Redden and Shenae Mayfield were beginning to dominate their oppositions with Shenae starving Ranges of any easy goal circle feeds with some outstanding pressure over the ball.

Kimba edged in front and held a four goal lead, 31-27 at the end of the quarter.

Heading into the final quarter of the season, Kimba were determined to finish the match with the 'team to beat' status they had earned themselves throughout the year and they began strongly.

The full court pressure was now relentless from Kimba and Ranges were now starting to crumble while Kimba remained flawless with ball in hand and capitalised on the opportunities they were regularly creating themselves.

Laura Fitzgerald continued to convert with accuracy and ease, increasing Kimba's lead and Desi Hannan was again taking timely intercepts in the last line of defence for Kimba.

Kimba finished the match very strongly and in front by 10 goals at the final whistle, 45 to 35, earning themselves the premiership and the seasons' 'best team' title.

All Kimba players were outstanding during the four quarters of the match including some magic moments from Lateisha Ramsey and Desi Hannan during crucial times.

Julie Burton from Ranges was awarded best on court by the Adelaide umpires.

Congratulations Kimba on a great match - a win which was so very well deserved.

C grade

Kimba 30 def by Eastern Ranges 31

This match was anticipated to be a close one with evenly matched teams, and it ended up exceeding expectations to be the match of the day.

Both teams started with nerves with many errors being made.

Kimba scored the first goal with Ranges scoring not far behind them.

Both teams settles with Kimba just taking the lead at quarter time, 7-6.

Both teams stepped up the pace in the second quarter with accurate shooting from both Kimba goalies.

Ranges had plenty of the ball with some great turnovers by WD Tash Rosenzweig.

Kimba applied defensive pressure well through the mid court, resulting in them taking the lead at half time, 12-10.

A few changes were made at half time with Kimba bringing on fresh legs in the mid court.

Ranges defenders were working overtime and hard to turn the ball over but Kimba looked to be more determined and lifted to continue their lead, 21-17.

Ranges came out firing in the last quarter and combined well as a team.

They managed to peg back a few goals and bring the game back to anyone's game.

The crowd had gathered and players found it hard to hear the umpires from all the cheering.

Ranges scored a goal near the buzzer, resulting in a draw and bringing the game into time on.

It was an intense, neck-and-neck game right to the end but Ranges managed to claim the win by one goal in extra time, resulting in a first ever C grade premiership for Ranges.

C2 grade

Eastern Ranges 42 def Cowell 28

Eastern Ranges went into the final undefeated favourites, but as we all know, strange things can happen in grand finals.

Cowell had the first centre pass of the day and scored on this, with play then continuing goal for goal until a couple of missed goals for the Cowell girls saw Ranges capitalise on this and create a five goal lead at the end of the first quarter.

The pressure applied from the Ranges team all over the court saw them going into the second quarter with confidence.

This confidence was slightly rattled when Nat Roberts suffered a game ending knee injury very early in the second quarter.

This brought Lauren Siviour onto the court and allowed the Cowell players to get a couple of quick turnovers, while the Ranges team settled into their new combinations.

Rachel McDonald provided great pressure in WD and Ellie Williams made an impact when she came on in the second quarter, and along with the strength of Cindy Hannemann at GK, allowed the Ranges players to gain back confidence in themselves as the quarter progressed.

Pressure once again from the Ranges players paid a big part in their continued lead, with intercepts and loose balls picked up by Ange Harris throughout the mid-court.

The third quarter saw Eastern Ranges, once again make positional changes, accommodating for the 11 players that were a part of the side.

Ellie and Kirsty Segon continued to be strong in defence, limiting Cowell with their scoring opportunities.

Renee Roach came on into WA and continued the great feeding into the goal ring that Kathrine Catanzariti had achieved during the first half.

Sophie Dolling and Lauren combined well in the goal ring and accurate shooting from them saw the Ranges side go into the final quarter with a lead of 13 goals, 33-20.

With players giving their all and being the final quarter, all girls on court were going to start to feel the effects of a great pressure game of netball.

Cowell made positional changes after the third quarter, trying some different combinations to peg back the lead of the Eastern Ranges team.

Brooke Shannon in WD took some beautiful intercepts which spurred the Ranges girls on and together they continued their strong, skillfull game of netball.

Eastern Ranges were combining well as a team and provided plenty of back up and converted intercepts and turn overs.

The defence of Fiona Mills and Aimee Jones from Cowell was tight all day, but with great direction and feeding from Ange Harris the Ranges goalies were able to continually convert their efforts.

A great game of skill for C2 netball was played with the Eastern Ranges team winning the 2019 Grand Final undefeated, with a score of 42-28.

The C2 competition has been well fought all year, with all teams showing lots of fight and determination.

Best on court for the game went to Ange Harris, a proven finals player who lead from the front all game with her intensity and will to fight for every ball.

D grade

Eastern Ranges 48 def Cowell 26

Cowell came out determined in the first quarter and rattled the Ranges girls who were making errors that they don't usually make.

Ranges the settled to be two up at quarter time.

Tessa Dunn was putting great defensive pressure on at GK which made it hard for Cowell to feed their goalies.

Kate Haines, the D grade association best and fairest, showed why she won this with some fantastic turn overs.

Ranges made changes at quarter time and settled in to the game, pulling away.

The Ranges' defensive pressure was excellent with some great intercepts from Sharnee Roberts and passages of play by all.

Claira Weiss came on at GS and gave the Ranges an extra lift in attack.

Nicole Simes continued to play a great game shooting from all around the ring with great accuracy.

Gemma Harris worked hard in C feeding the goalies very well and applying good defensive pressure to put the half time score at 22-11.

Ranges played well as a team during the third quarter to extend their lead to 32-19.

Georgia Macgowan was putting some great defence over the ball making it hard for the WA to feed their goalies.

The pressure from Tessa and Sharnee was playing dividends as the Cowell goalies were having to work extra hard for all goals.

Ranges made changes again in the last quarter, bringing Ashton Hampel back into GS she came on determined to make an impact and shot well.

Jorja Newlyn into WD did well at getting her hands over the ball.

Cowell really rattled this Ranges side but credit to the Ranges girls, they stood tall and got the job done to win the D grade premiership for 2019, 48-26.

E grade

Cowell 42 def by Eastern Ranges 50

Cowell scored the first goal for the E grade grand final against Eastern Ranges.

Ranges showed strong defence, with both teams attacking and defending tightly to really keep the game nice and even.

Scores were level at nine all when the whistle blew for the first break.

Leading into the second quarter both teams played their positions well, keeping the game extremely tight.

Spectators were on the edge of their seats for this game which was goal for goal, each team passing up and down the court hard, playing excellent finals netball.

Half time scores were still even at 20-20.

Ranges came back onto the court firing, pushing some hard goals to take the lead.

Both teams were giving everything they had, it truly was grand final fever on the court.

Ranges went into the final quarter up 41-32.

Both teams fought hard from the start of the final quarter.

It was a massive effort by everyone on court, Ranges the better team in the end winning 50-42.

Hannah and Milly Evans were excellent in defence for Ranges, with Cowell's Sharni Roberts shooting accurately to be named best on court for the day.

Umpires Sharon Rodda and Megan Lienert congratulated the girls on a competitive, clean team game.

E2 grade

Eastern Ranges 24 def by Ports 25

The anticipation of a close game in the E2 was on the cards, and it didn't disappoint.

Ranges came out firing from the first whistle and scored the first four goals before Ports kicked into gear.

Without a panic Ports girls settled and started to get the ball in their goal ring and started to score.

At the end of the first quarter Ranges were up by three goals, 9-6.

Ports took charge in the second quarter and through intercepts down the court and rebounds in the goal ring, they turned the score around to lead by two at half time, 13-11.

The third quarter continued to be a battle and nobody could tell which way it was going to go.

Both teams were applying pressure on every pass and to the young girls credit they all stayed focused and worked hard for their teams.

What Ports lost in bad passing was made up by intercepts in the defensive end by Macy Hartwig and Lara Yeates.

Alana Hannemann was reading the ball well through the mid court and Sarah Cox was shooting beautifully for Ranges.

Ports went into the final quarter down by two goals but were determined to give 110% for their team and club.

Supporters from both Ranges and Ports were on the edge of their seats while encouraging the girls.

Play went back and forth down the court with Ports converting a turnover every so often.

With barely a minute to go Ports were up by two when Elodie Edwards scored a goal after coming on into GS after an injury.

When the final whistle blew Ports were one goal up which was enough to win the premiership, Ports 25 to Eastern Ranges 24.

Congratulations to all girls from both teams for getting to the grand final and playing a fantastic game to watch.

Best On Court went to Macy Hartwig who worked tirelessly in GD for Ports.

Thank you to Ali Schumann and Tanya Karger for umpiring the match.