Buxton CWA Group celebrates 90 years

The Country Women's Association Buxton Group celebrated the SACWA's 90th birthday with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party arranged by arts officer Mary Edwards.

Members all wore decorated hats and state president Roslyn Schumann judged Trish Brown's sparkly top hat adorned with red ribbon the winner.

Members then decorated cupcakes for the tea party followed by the enactment of the tea party with a twist.

The Queen of Hearts (aka state president Roslyn Schumann) then cut the flower-adorned 90th birthday cake, made and decorated by Amanda Hodge.

She is looking forward to another birthday for the SACWA centenary in 10 years time.

The group also held its annual meeting and reflected on the fun, travels, service and education over the past year including handicraft schools, table day, International Day, state council at Port Vincent, fundraising for drought affected families, emergency aid, baby parcels and the Dorothy Dolling Trust (2020 applications open on November 1) to name a few.

Issues to be followed up are environmental issues, specifically decreasing the use of plastics and increasing recycling, and serious concern was expressed over the cessation of rail freight and consequently the increase of trucks on the road required to transport the grain.

Group president Merilyn Kelly has arranged for SACWA tutors to run workshops during the week of September 16 throughout EP.

She has also arranged a card making day on October 15 to be run by members of the state handicraft committee who will be on EP to judge the table day on the previous day.

Incoming Buxton group officers are president Merilyn Kelly, handicraft Gwen Smith, arts Mary Edwards, floriculture Ellen Earea and international Georgina Hurst.