Darke Peak Golf Open draws big crowd

The Darke Peak Golf Club hosted its annual Open Championship on Sunday, August 11, sponsored by Ramsey Bros, Eyre Travel and Hunt's Fuel.

It was expected to be a fair turnout with the Darke Peak boys travelling well throughout the season to other opens around the EP and what a turnout they got.

Fifty-four men and five women entered the championship, representing 10 different clubs. It was the highest number of entrants for Darke Peak in a long time.

With the club's supplies well stocked and the weather reasonable everyone was set for a good day on course.

The men's field was divided into three divisions and sent on their way.

Shannon Mathews took out the A grade championship with a 69 off the stick followed by Brayden Fitzgerald with 72; Shannon Minhard (62) and Andrew Pietsch (66) were the net winner and runner-up.

Ian Beeby recovered well from the night before taking out the B grade gross competition with a 78. Scott Elleway, only two shots behind on 80, was runner-up.

Jamie Pearson also recovered okay from the night before with Beebs to be the net winner (68) and runner-up was Cody Pilgrim (69).

It was expected to be a fair turn out... and what a turn out they got.

Phil Siviour (85) was the C grade gross winner with Jay Schubert the runner-up (92).

The net winner, also of Cleve, was one very happy Antony Crettenden (66) and runner-up was Peter Couper hot on his heels with 67.

No-one in the A grade thought they were close enough to the pin to record it therefore it was not awarded. Daniel Bastian from the Cleve Golf Club took the title of longest drive.

The B grade saw Michael Roberts from Cowell nearest to the pin (NTP) and Paul Peters, on his home course, the longest drive.

The C grade NTP was taken out by net winner Antony Crettenden and longest drive was Neill Carr.

Liz Zwar had the women's championship all sewn up with a 85 off the stick, NTP and longest drive.

The gross runner-up was Kathy Roberts (92) and the net winner and runner-up had to fight over their prizes after they refused to have a play off; both Sue Edwards and Angie Turner had 78.

The teams event was won by Phil Siviour (63), Noel Siviour (75), Andrew Pietsch (66) and Geoff Morgan (74) with a total of 278.

The men's NAGA was awarded to Ken Earea (117) and ladies saw a change in guard in Pam Beinke (118).