Lock takes final home win

Great Flinders Football

Lock 15-12 (102) def Eyre United 6-5 (41)

DESPITE no chance of making the final four, Lock and Eyre United gave an entertaining display of footy on the big Lock Oval.

In a low scoring affair, the first quarter saw plenty of play for little reward with 1-2 apiece.

The Saints almost wiped out the goal umpire when they got their chance to chalk up their only goal for the quarter.

It was a grand display from both defences that saw the ball locked out of scoring with K. Tiller and A. Heath ably assisted by Brown, Slape, Glover and Wright on the run.

Jordan Telfer led the Saints' defence magnificently all day, assisted by the running Swalue, Traeger and Forrest.

The second quarter saw the Roos pull away with some clean passages and plenty of run from L. Brown, Wright, Morton and Glover to add four goals.

Unable to find the big sticks, Forrest and Hill had a good quarter, aided by Rattley and Swalue working out of defence.

With a four-goal lead at the long break the game was there for whoever took the next step up.

In the third quarter it rained - goals.

A nine-goal quarter saw the goal umpires continually on the move as the Roos flew out of the blocks and young Dusty Wheare did not let them down as he booted three in a row.

With the Traeger drive from midfield the Saints then added two within two minutes.

With one soccered through and Pearson booting another, the Roos were getting the jump on the Saints.

The Telfers continues their dogged commitment with Mullan and Hill doing battle with the Roos' midfield as they peppered the sticks for four points in a row until L. Heath was able to swing around his body and blindly kick towards the square and find success.

The Saints added a major just on the siren but the Roos had pulled away to an eight-goal lead.

Not dropping their heads, the Saints had a goal within a minute in the last quarter.

Wheare replied with a low, accurate kick that sailed just over the pack but not high enough to catch the wind.

Lock added another two majors before a perfect clearance from the centre through Traeger and two accurate passes saw the Saints' sixth goal.

It was their best passage of play for the day.

A game played in true footy spirit saw A. Heath and Tiller uphold the Roos' defence well, L. Brown with his usual brilliance, Morton and Pearson with good running and youngster Wheare's reading of the ball and bag of five goals a pleasure to watch.

For the Saints Traeger owned the centre, with Swalue, Hill, Mullan and Telfer showing fleet fleet and Jordan Telfer the ultimate in defence.

The Lock Roos have one game left for the season, taking on Tumby Bay next week in the last game before the Great Flinders Football League heads into finals.

Lock is well and truly settled in fifth place with three wins for the season.

They sit behind Cummins Kapinnie with eight wins and ahead of the last-placed Saints who are still looking for their first win.

The Lock reserves and senior colts also sit in fifth, with the winless junior colts in sixth place.