Eastern Eyre Netball | PHOTOS

B grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell 57-38

BOTH teams started well. Ranges defence applied pressure down the court and Kelly Smith was shooting well. Cowell started to settle to bring the score back to 6-6 but Ranges finished the quarter with a two-goal lead.

The second quarter started with even contests but Ranges delivered in attack to lead by 11 at half time.

Hannah Hoepner came on for the third quarter and was shooting well. Ranges' attack line worked well but Cowell fought hard with well-deserved turnovers. Julie Burton fought hard all quarter with Rangers finishing the quarter on 42 to Cowell's 28.

After a scrappy start to the fourth quarter, the teams were neck and neck at four each. Jessica Jaeschae fought hard consistently against the Ranges' goalies but Ranges took the win by 19.

Ports lost to Kimba 20-73

Kimba were quick to settle into their fast paced game. Hannah Lienert-Forrest and Anne Richter fought hard for Ports in defence against Kimba's height in the goal ring. Kimba led 4-16 at the first break.

Kimba's defence was tight in the second quarter, leaving Ports struggling to attack the ball and get into their goal ring. Kimba's quick play and strong drive progressed their lead to 30 at half time.

Ports continued working hard in the third quarter with goalies bombing a few long shots. Kim Redden got lots of intercepts for Kimba. Ports trailed 8-38 at three-quarter time. Kimba finished strongly all over the court, showing their versatility.


Ranges def Cowell 51-20

These two teams have spent the last few years battling for top position.

Ranges won the toss and took the centre pass to get the game underway but Cowell turned it over and scored the first goal. Ranges pegged back the turnover with one of their own.

With the pressure throughout the court, Eastern Ranges settled into the quarter putting on 16-7 with accurate shooting from Sophie Dolling and Nat Roberts.

Both teams started the second strongly and Eastern Ranges settled into their changes quickly.

Kirsty Segon and Ange Harris in defence made some early turnovers allowing Roberts and Lauren Siviour to capitalise with great shooting. Kat Catanzariti and Renee Roach through the mid court intercepted and fought hard for many loose balls, making it difficult for their opponents.

Cowell tried hard in attack and added another six by half time, trailing Ranges by 13.

Cowell were never going to give up and battled hard all the way down the court in the third quarter but Eastern Ranges were too strong.

Ranges put on a great display of teamwork and defensive pressure, keeping Cowell to only three goals for the quarter.

The final quarter saw players begin to tire. Defenders from both teams continued to make goalies work hard and everyone was looking for the timer. Eastern Ranges continued their pressure, forcing errors from Cowell, and finishing off with accurate shooting.


Ports lost to Kimba 31-34

Ports came out strong, shooting the first four goals of the game but Kimba fought back, making the game more challenging.

In the second quarter both teams started strong, winning a lot of turnovers and converting them.

It was a very even quarter with Ports leading 21-17 at half time.

Kimba evened the score in the third quarter, 26-26, and managed to pull ahead in the last quarter as both teams defended hard all the way down the court.

E grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell 47-37

Both teams started well making effective use of any loose balls.

The lead changed late in the quarter with the visitors on top, 10-12.

Ranges began the second quarter strong, capitalising on mid-court errors by Cowell to gain the lead.

Both teams maintained the pressure with Ranges finishing the quarter strong.

An injury to Cowell early in the third quarter forced some positional changes and they started closing the gap.

It was a tightly contested quarter with some great passages of play by both teams.

Ranges led 35-31 at the break.

Ranges began the quarter well, skipping out to an eight-goal lead.

Cowell fought hard but Ranges were playing well as a team and finished the quarter strong.

Ports def Kimba 36-22

The game was very close in the first half with both teams applying a lot of pressure all down the court.

At half time the score was Ports 15 to Kimba 14.

Ports made some changes at half time putting Erica Millard back into goal shooter adding some height.

This changed the game and the score line.

In the final quarter Kimba's goal defence applied a lot of pressure to Ports' goalies who were not giving up.

Ports goalies shot accurately, extending the score out to 36-22.


Eastern Ranges def Cowell 36-1

The game started fast with Cowell having numerous forward entries, only to be denied by a strong Ranges' defence.

Ranges were taking advantage of their opportunities with their goalies working well together, shooting accurately to lead 10-0 at quarter time.

The Cowell girls come out more determined in the second quarter, not giving the Ranges goalies as many shots on goal.

However they still found it difficult to get shots on goals themselves, due to the Ranges' strong mid court.

Ranges lead 14-0 at half time.

The Cowell girls were trying very hard and had some nice passages of play, with a couple of great intercepts, but the Ranges' defence were not letting anything through, rebounding the ball numerous times, sending the ball up the court into the ring.

Eastern Ranges 23 to Cowell 1 at three-quarter time.

Cowell got onto the scoreboard and to the Cowell girls credit, they ran the game out very well, giving their best all the way to the end.

The Ranges girls were very strong all over the court and played exceptionally well.

Ports lost to Kimba 13-16

In much better netball conditions compared to the previous week, the first quarter was evenly contested with both Ports and Kimba having some great passages of play.

At the first break it was three all.

Kimba got the jump in the second quarter where Jarrah Moseby-Reid was reading the ball very well for Kimba, helping them to be up by two goals at half time.

Kimba retained their momentum throughout the third quarter with great use of their height, while Ports brought on Lexi Turnbull for her first quarter in E2.

The last quarter saw Zarli Selkirk come on for Ports to also have her first run in the E2 grade.

Ultimately, Kimba took the win, despite Ports' effort to outscore Kimba in the last quarter.