20 years of Kimba Probus

The Kimba Combined Probus Club celebrated its 20th birthday on Wednesday, June 26 at the Kimba Hotel.

Fifty-four past and present members attended the celebration along with with seven visitors.

All were welcomed to the event by club president Jim Hamlyn.

Mr Hamlyn reported that it was first proposed at a meeting in May 1999 that a combined Probus club be formed.

As the formation of Probus clubs is a service activity of Rotary, Whyalla and Port Pirie Rotary members were in attendance.

They stated that the word Probus was the amalgam of the words 'professional' and 'business' and it was an association of retired and semi-retired people who joined together, with the purpose of providing regular opportunities to keep their minds active, expand their interests and enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Seven Kimba people, Relda Beinke, Connie Whitwell, Christina, Mavis and Gordon Lieblich, Monica Wake and Maurice Davey, were present at the meeting.

A Probus Club was formed, the president being Maurice Davey, secretary Mavis Lieblich and Relda Beinke treasurer.

The first official meeting of the Probus Club was held at the Kimba Hotel on June 23, 1999 and was attended by 30 members.

By the end of the club's first year the membership had increased to 56 and this number increased to 74 after 10 years.

Over the years many guest speakers have spoken about adventures locally and further afield.

Members who have travelled around Australia and overseas have shown us photos of their travels.

There have also been many trips organised, along with picnics, mystery tours and participating in other clubs' rallies.

Jim and Dianne Hamlyn comprehensively browsed through 20 years of club minutes then collated them into the club's regular bulletin for the celebration.

Kimba mayor Dean Johnson spoke briefly about how important the Probus Club was to Kimba and the importance of senior citizens to the Kimba district.

The club also received a certificate from Probus headquarters for 20 years of service, which was presented by Colin Barratt from the Whyalla Rotary Club.

He also presented a congratulatory flag from his home Probus Club of Whyalla Norrie.

A meal was served followed by a ceremonial cake, made and iced by Dianne Hamlyn, which Monica Wake and Christina Lieblich cut.

Items were given by Julie Lee, Audrey Smart, Jan Girdham, Nita Ramsey and Aileen Pearce.