Big birthday celebration marks 80th

Lloyd Crettenden enjoyed an evening of celebration on Saturday, July 6, the eve of his 80th birthday.

With family and friends gathered for the celebration at the Cowell RSL Hall, the district triangle was represented with Kimba, Cleve and Cowell people as well as some from Adelaide, Queensland and his eldest niece from Geranium.

Speeches were held in the early evening with his son Roderick capturing many a happy memory of Mr Crettenden's life in the district with his beautiful wife Paulene standing beside him.

John Sampson supplied the home-grown pork for dinner, which was enjoyed by all.

Pulled roast chicken was on hand for those who were not pork eaters.

An assortment of homemade sweets weakened the knees of those who tried to avoid the temptation.

The family was very grateful to all who provided a sweet treat for the occasion.

The APEX Club of Kimba allowed the jumping castle to go to Cowell for the occasion, which the children enjoy immensely.

The castle was never empty, hence why Mr Crettenden did not have a go.

He did not want to spoil the youngsters' fun by showing them a move or two.

Thank you to everyone who helped Mr Crettenden enjoy his 80th celebration and those who spoilt him by giving him gifts.

He said he had never had so many birthday cards.

The appreciation extended to those who stopped him on the street to say happy birthday.