Planning code unsuitable for the country

Regional councils across the Eyre Peninsula and South Australia have recently completed their annual budgets for the new 2019-20 financial year.

Our state government has also released its budget. The state budget has met quite a few challenges because the government will be receiving less revenue from GST than was expected.

This is nothing compared to the challenge that is about to be put on the Franklin Harbour District Council.

Adelaide, being our major city with a population of more than one million people, has issues that are far more complicated than small regional towns.

Building of infrastructure in city council areas has huge challenges and planning codes are soon to be introduced to country and metropolitan South Australia to try and simplify them.

Planning has always interested me and if a new planning code was going to help my council save time and money I would embrace the idea.

The new Planning and Design Code is being progressively introduced across South Australia, starting in the outback before moving to regional council areas and concluding in Greater Adelaide.

Unfortunately, reading submissions for the new planning code I have found that if the submissions in relation to coastal farms and settlements are adopted in the new planning code it will be even more difficult for those who choose to live near the sea in South Australia.

Any infrastructure up to 3.6 kilometres from the coastline will need to be referred to the Coastal Protection Branch.

This includes shacks and day to day farming activities like building sheds, fences, roads, dams and pipelines.

The new planning code is designed to make planning simpler and is designed for a large metropolitan city.

Regional councils have no interest in stopping coastal farmers and shack owners from improving and building infrastructure on their properties.

The new planning code will remove all referrals away from regional councils and make them a responsibility of decision makers in Adelaide.

Simpler Planning?

Yeah, right.


Franklin Harbour District Council mayor