Eastern Eyre Netball | PHOTOS

B grade

Kimba 47 def Eastern Ranges 34

In slippery, cold, wet conditions, Kimba started the match with control, while Ranges took some time to adjust to the conditions, missing a few attempts at goal while Kimba were able to capitalise on their opportunities.

The second quarter was more evenly contested with Ranges working hard to make a comeback and they began shooting with accuracy, while Kimba also shot with accuracy they were unable to create the turnovers they had done in the first quarter.

Kimba began the quarter with strength and steadiness and made the most of their opportunities but Ranges, not to be outdone, made a great comeback in the second hald of the quarter with some great passages of play which Kimba were unable to combat.

Ranges again began strongly in the last quarter but Kimba were up for the challenge and also played some great netball to be 13 goals in front at the final whistle.

Kimba's Shenae Mayfield at WD was outstanding for four quarters and Kimba's Kim Redden in GK was also a standout with many turnovers.

It was a great game played in unfavourable weather conditions.

C2 grade

Cowell 37 def Ports 21

The game began with a Ports centre pass, with Cowell being able to get a turn over and make it count!

Cowell went on maintaining the lead by six goals at quarter time.

Cowell made changes at the break and began to settle.

Cowell's defence picked up many loose balls.

Goalies at both ends were missing many opportunities as the Cats extended their lead to half time.

Shortly into the third quarter, the heavens opened up and down came the rain.

Both teams continued to fight hard for the ball in very cold, wet conditions.

However, Cowell continued to increase their lead.

The score board showed it was a tight quarter with the ball going from end to end and goals not coming easy.

All players were feeling very cold and wet.

Overall it was a great team game for the Cowell side.

E2 grade

Cowell v Ports

Although the day was forecast for bad weather, the game started off with perfect conditions.

Cowell had the first centre pass, and scored the first goal of the game.

Ports were quick to react, limiting Cowell to only one goal for the whole game.

The second quarter was fairly even between the girls with the Ports girls strong in defence and attack with height and accuracy, yet Cowell stronger and in control in the mid court.

The rain and wind was fierce from the beginning of the third quarter, and this affected the girls and their game immensely with the Cowell girls ending up with only six playing the third quarter.

It seemed torture to keep those little girls out the cold and terrible rain and wind.

So collectively, the Cowell and Ports coaches decided to finish the game at the end of the third quarter.