Cherry Farrow hosts Kimba workshops

LEARNING: Erin Lister (left) and Cherry Farrow (right) from Inspire and Inform with student leaders Georgia Lienert, Nick Francis and Talya Powell.
LEARNING: Erin Lister (left) and Cherry Farrow (right) from Inspire and Inform with student leaders Georgia Lienert, Nick Francis and Talya Powell.

Kimba people of all ages have been learning tools for leadership, conflict management and maintaining wellbeing with a series of workshops run by Yorke Peninsula-based life and business coach Cherry Farrow.

Ms Farrow runs an organisation called Inspire and Inform which aims to give people in regional areas strategies for self improvement.

The Kimba Mental Health and Wellbeing Group secured grant funding through the Department of Industry Community Benefit Fund to finance four workshops with various age groups.

On Thursday, locals aged 18-30 were given an opportunity to learn about leadership, and on Friday senior students at the Kimba Area School learnt about managing conflict and alternative points of view.

Two weekend workshops will be held on June 15-16 on relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

Ms Farrow said all her workshops were aimed at assisting participants to "manage and handle any situation life presents them."

"I want to inspire people to become the best version of themselves," she said.

In the session with school students on Friday, discussion was centred around communication and how conflict arises and can be managed.

Student leader Georgia Lienert said the group spoke about the importance of recognising one's own strengths and weaknesses.

"To be a good leader you have to understand yourself first," she said.

She said she enjoyed an activity where the group was encouraged to look at a hypothetical disagreement from their personal point of view, the point of view of the other person, and the point of view of a neutral observer.

"I found it really interesting," she said.

Fellow student leader Nick Francis said the skills the group had learnt from the exercise could benefit student leaders in the future.

"It's something we should implement more in our meetings... we can base ideas and activities on that."

Talya Powell, also from the student leadership group, said they had discussed how miscommunications can lead to conflict.

"I've learnt everybody sees situations and information differently and how they filter it is different to how it may come across," she said,

Ms Farrow said the strategies she taught the students were similar to the strategies she used to assist people in managing their mental health.

"It's customisable for any situation," she said.

"I focus techniques on what I'm delivering at the time."

Ms Farrow will be taking part in workshops in Cleve and Cowell on Tuesday June 18 and Wednesday June 19 respectively alongside financial planner Bob Budreika.