Travel stories shared at Cleve Probus

VISITORS: Guest speakers Rhonda and Peter Barrand are thanked by David Reed.
VISITORS: Guest speakers Rhonda and Peter Barrand are thanked by David Reed.

President Janys Asser welcomed 54 members to the June Cleve and District Probus Club meeting.

A discussion was held regarding the outing to Peter Crosby's farm then lunch at Darke Peak Hotel.

Members were reminded of the Port Lincoln Probus Rally in September, and that members from Cowell Probus Club will attend the July meetins to hear Jacqui Beadell speak of her father, Len Beadell's work on road construction in the Victoria Desert.

Entertaining jokes from David Reed, Kathy Roberts and Ruth Weiss gave everyone a laugh.

On screen, Des Traeger showed the ballroom dancing teachers from Arno Bay giving a lovely demonstration of dancing.

After morning tea Mary Edwards welcomed and introduced her friends Peter and Rhonda Barrand from Victoria who she met in India on the way to the Taj Mahal.

Both are avid bird watchers and also volunteer fire spotters.

Peter and Rhonda have travelled Australia, Malaysia, Peru, India and Sri Lanka, where they also saw elephants and leopards.

Rhonda's birthday present was a trip to Rwanda seeing the mountain gorillas, a wonderful experience.

The alpha male of the group they saw was 43 years old with two sons who hated each other.

They spoke about another trip to Mongolia to see the rare and difficult to find snow leopard, which they did see from a distance.

Peter and Rhonda now host bird watching tours to Christmas Island and the Cocos/Keeling Islands where there is a large variety of birds and insects.

Their powerpoint presentation was very interesting with beautiful photos of the variety of birds and animals they have seen and photographed.

David Reed thanked them for coming all the way from Victoria to speak to the club.

It was much appreciated and proved, he thought, a good reason to travel.

He presented them with a gift from the club.