Roads a priority for Kimba

Roads and efficiency are the focus of the Kimba District Council budget for the next financial year.

With major grants leading to about $2.25 million in projects in the district in the past year, the council plans to direct its focus to regular operations in 2019/20.

Mrs Larwood said the wetter start to winter in comparison to last year meant the time was right for significant investment in roads, with $483,000 budgeted for re-sheeting and re-sealing in 2019/20.

She said the council would also be adopting new cloud-based software in a bid to be as "efficient and effective" as possible in its administration.

Mrs Larwood said the investment in the new software was about ensuring the council was "providing a good service to ratepayers" and would decrease reliance on hardware in administration.

Attracting and retaining a doctor remains a priority, with $67,000 allocated to the cause.

Mrs Larwood said the council was looking at funding an advertising campaign to try find someone willing to move to the town, as well as developing an an initiative that would see the town fund a variety of initiatives to make working in Kimba more appealing to a doctor.

"We're looking at providing incentives around professional development and health and well-being," Mrs Larwood said.

Ratepayers will see a 3.8 per cent rate raise, with a 2 per cent rise beyond the Consumer Price Index, which Mrs Larwood said was set out in the council's long term financial plan.