Brad Ramsey celebrates 40 years with Ramsey Bros

VETERAN: Brad Ramsey enjoys the varied aspects of his job at Ramsey Bros.

VETERAN: Brad Ramsey enjoys the varied aspects of his job at Ramsey Bros.

After 40 years of service with Ramsey Bros, Brad Ramsey still enjoys his job and meeting the needs of customers across South Australia, including on Eyre Peninsula.

Mr Ramsey has had involvement with branches across the state, starting at Tumby Bay 40 years ago before moving on to Cleve where he was based for 20 years.

His roles with the company have included involvement in parts and sales, as well as project managing new premises including at Cummins, Wudinna and Riverton.

Mr Ramsey said he was surprised to see the milestone had come up.

"I knew I was around the mark but it wasn't something I was focused on," he said.

"It's been a great family business to work's a lifestyle more than anything, doing everything we've done."

Mr Ramsey said he had loved his work in the company as it had involved varied roles and had always brought something different.

It has included project managing new premises and helping to roll out new computer systems for the business.

"Even though my role has changed you sort of never let go of the things (you learn) along the way," he said.

"I can't remember not wanting to go to work."

As for how long he could see himself continuing his work at Ramsey Bros, Mr Ramsey said would continue to do it as long as the company wanted him to.

"I have just turned 60, so at least another five years," he said.

"A five year of what you're doing is not a bad plan."