Prêt-à-porter for pooches

Well in the throes of winter, now's the time we throw on extra layers and make sure our home is kept toasty and warm. It's just as important however, to ensure our dogs are also happy and healthy during these cooler months.

According to PETstock vet Dr Emily Chan, pets all need a little extra care and attention to keep them safe and happy during winter.

"As the temperature drops, it's vital pet owners find out what extra support their pet may need," she says. "Some dogs with thinner natural coats will benefit from an extra layer of warmth, like a jumper or coat for those cold winter walks or if they spend a lot of their time outdoors. Pets should also have the option to come indoors in winter and not spend too much time outdoors in the cold."

The apparel pictured is available in PETstock stores and