Jenny's Madagascar adventure shared

Rosemary Hauschild, Jenny Cook and president Janys Asser at the Probus meeting.
Rosemary Hauschild, Jenny Cook and president Janys Asser at the Probus meeting.

Mrs Jenny Cook addressed the Cleve and Districts Probus Club's May meeting at the Cleve Hotel on Tuesday May 2, speaking about her 2018 trip to Madagascar.

She gave members a very valuable understanding of what is a very interesting place.

After a flight of nine hours from Perth she arrived in Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world.

Madagascar is 400 kilometres east of the African mainland and 1500 to 2000 kilometres south of the equator.

It has an area of 587,041 square kilometres, making it larger than many European countries.

It has a population of 26 million people, most of whom are involved in food production.

Other pursuits include a growing tourism industry, textile manufacture and mining for gem stones.

Most of the food production is by human labour and the use of Zebu cattle as beasts for work.

Corn is a main part of the Madagascan diet along with rice and potatoes.

Seafood is plentiful on the island but no refrigeration is available, so young children with large wands are used to keep tables loaded with fresh meat and fish free from flies.

The Zebu cattle are essential for food as well as for work and are a source of wealth.

The cattle are traded in a market, but no pens are to be seen and separation of each herd is by human effort.

English is widely spoken along with a variety of local dialects.

40% of the locals are Christian, 5% Muslim and many others belonging to traditional local faiths.

Mrs Cook visited the island to see a small animal known as a lemur.

There are several different species of this small primate, with half of the world's population on Madagascar.

She gave a visual presentation with excellent commentary, where we were able to view the lemur in the wild and watch a bus journey across the island, with members feeling as though they too had visited the country.

Rosemary Hauschild moved a vote of thanks and made a presentation to Jenny Cook on behalf of members.

Meeting concluded with the singing of the national anthem.