Old-fashioned service brings satisfaction with a smile

Ballarat man Lindsay, 69, has been delighted with the service Pennytel has delivered saying,
Ballarat man Lindsay, 69, has been delighted with the service Pennytel has delivered saying, "I won't go with anyone else 'cause I'm happy - you won't get better."

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While many companies continue to automate jobs once performed by people, there are some that recognise not all progress is necessarily for the better.

Take telco company Pennytel, who give customers the comfort of talking to a real person straight away, whenever they have a problem.

Rather than negotiating a complex menu of options only to be frustrated in the end, Pennytel customers enjoy getting through to a real person at the end of the line when they call their provider.

Satisfied customers, Donald, 80 and Lindsay, 69, both from Ballarat, recently joined Pennytel. In a follow up to our first interview with them, we discuss further why they wouldn't go anywhere else for their mobile service.

Pennytel believe strongly in good old-fashioned customer service. What does good customer service mean to you?

Lindsay: Reminds me of the old days. I can just ring them up and there's someone you can go to that's not a machine. You can talk to someone and they sort the problem out quicker and more efficiently. They won't put you onto a machine. Yeah... I'm very happy.

Donald: Means the world! If they look after you, you can look after them. Other companies try to grab me but I say "no no no." I'm really satisfied. I wouldn't move anywhere else.

Tell us about a time when you've received a memorable customer service experience?

Lindsay: I always remember sales spiels or upselling. With Pennytel I don't get any of that, they don't give my number out.

How does Pennytel keep you connected?

Lindsay: I use them mainly to keep in touch with family and friends - yeah, communication with family. Calling and texting mainly, I don't really use it for anything else. It's especially good if you're travelling - I only travel just short distances and down to Geelong, Melbourne and maybe the Grampians, weekends away in Warrnambool and so on and you stay connected.

Donald: Pennytel keeps me connected to family and friends, and to my medical contacts. I ring my sisters up in Shep and Mooroopna and I've got lots of good friends. I have a medical alarm bracelet that I use through the phone too.

What is the most important factor when you choose your phone provider?

Lindsay: Simplicity, I avoid unnecessary things.

Donald: That they're friendly when I ring them up.

Does Pennytel provide good value for money?

Lindsay: For sure! With my 3gb it's only $15 per month or something, anybody can afford that. It's affordable, half the price of competitors and it's worth what I get for that price.

I have handsfree in the car which is necessary and my phone has all the features but is not over the top.

Donald: Ohhh for sure - glad they started up. Other companies rip you off but not Pennytel.

How do you think phones and communication have changed over the years?

Lindsay: It's gone that far now, the young ones have got mobiles now at school. Wouldn't have dreamt it years ago, there's satellite systems. Who knows what the future is.

Donald: Oh yeah it's changed. I go way, way back to when there was none of these mobiles. I manage the mobile, it took a while to learn it but I can use it now.

If you were running Pennytel for a day, what would you get them to do and why?

Lindsay: Keep advertising and make sure they keep doing what they're doing. They're just as serviceable as the main ones and are on par with the top two!

Donald: I'd run it the same way they're running it now, I've got no whinges about that. It's the mobile company I've been looking for a long time and I just saw it in the paper.

Why would you recommend Pennytel to other people like you?

Donald: I think for oldie people like me it's one of the best companies around. They cater for the older person, pensioners - and they give you a good deal.

For any of those other companies you're talking to a machine, not a person. They're a good company; all those people over there are terrific. They look after me real good.

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