Eastern Eyre Netball | PHOTOS

A grade

Kimba 60 def Cowell 23

Saturday marked a special round where we remembered and honoured the life and legacy of Kimba and EENA life member Sue Beinke.

Kimba won the toss and started play with the pink ball in hand.

Kimba welcomed in Sue's daughter Tessa McKenna at GS for the opening quarter of the memorable match.

With lots of emotion in the game, it started with goal for goal play until Kimba's full court defensive pressure saw some important pickups to come into the first break leading 11-6.

Laura Fitzgerald made her A grade debut, settling into GS in the second quarter.

The passing coming into the ring from Chelsea Woolford and Georgia Lienert was pin point.

Kimba's defensive pressure lifted and the combined work of Sarahanna Shipard and CJay Kemp outside the ring made it difficult for Cowell to find easy passage and limited them to five for the quarter.

Kimba lead 28 to 11 at the half.

Cowell made changes and the started the quarter with high intensity, but Kimba showed patience to control play and make minimal errors.

Kimba lifted a notch and the play coming down the court was fast and clean flowing, showing strong connections all over the court.

Ellen Zibell rewarded her teammates, converting and dominating in the ring.

Kimba set up a 43-17 lead going into the last quarter.

Both teams made changes and Cowell adjusted well to start the quarter.

It was Kimba though that managed to find new ways to the post with Laura finding her feet and only missing two for the quarter.

Cowell's young side showed promising signs and they continued to contest the ball to the end.

Kimba were able to put on a solid team performance and finish with a 60-23 win ending the first round.

Kimba's best players went to Georgia Lienert for a strong and creative game at WA and Sarahanne 'Terror' Shipard for a brilliant defensive game.

Many thanks to the umpires who were observed and supported by Adelaide mentors on the day.

Eastern Ranges 88 def Ports 12

Both teams started off strong with even play, however Ranges capitalised on a few steps and unforced errors.

The wet and slippery court made it hard to change direction, so settled play was essential.

Ranges took a dominant lead into the first break, 24-2.

Ranges made changes in the second quarter while Ports went unchanged.

Ranges were moving and shooting accurately.

Ports stepped up and had plenty of play but couldn't finish it off, and had trouble getting into the ring.

Ranges settled into position changes as the quarter went on, increasing their lead to 41 points.

Both teams changed positions for the third quarter.

Stacey Heath came on for Ports and shot well when delivered to her.

Both teams lost concentration a little and the game became scrappy.

Conditions were still wet and the ball slippery, creating unforced errors but Ranges still pulled away, 66-11 at the final break.

Ranges were composed and stepped up a notch, finishing off strong.

Strong defence and plenty of turnovers with good, accurate shooting from Keeley Mason making the lead quite substantial.

It was a hard fought game with teams in good spirit until the end.

C grade

Kimba 37 def Cowell 24

Both teams started well in the C grade match between Kimba and Cowell.

It looked to be a very even match up with both teams moving well all over the court.

Kimba's defensive pressure saw them gain a few rebounds and turn overs which gave the Tigers a chance to get the upper hand.

Kimba led at the first break 12-7.

The second quarter started much the same with a few turn overs from both teams.

Both teams were moving the ball well and there was incredible defensive pressure all over the court.

Young gun goalie Talya Powell was playing and moving really well against some tall Cowell defenders.

The half time score was 19-13.

Kimba made a couple of changes with Jane Mason swapping from GK into GS.

Jamisen Maitland came on into GD and the fresh legs saw lots of turn overs and made things tough for the Cowell goalies.

Dani Siviour in GA was playing an awesome game and seemed to be everywhere. Kimba led at three quarter time 27-18.

Cowell made a few changes going into the last quarter but Kimba were playing a great team game.

The final score was 37-24 with Dani Siviour getting the best player for an outstanding game in GA.

She shot and moved really well and her defensive pressure led to Kimba getting a lot of turnovers in the centre court.

Ranges 48 def Ports 29

Ports came out firing in the first quarter with beautiful, accurate shooting by Erin Calliss and Tayla Darling.

Ranges were a little slow to get into the game with Ports scoring the first five goals and taking the lead at the first break 7-4.

The rain had set in, making both the ball and court slippery.

Both teams shortened their passes and slowed the game right down.

Ranges found their feet and applied defensive preszure over the whole court with many deflections by their defenders and accurate shooting by the goalies.

Ranges went into the break with the lead.

Ranges had many changes at half time with a new goalie and defence combination in play and Ports making one change.

Ports continued to work hard but Ranges pressure was making goal scoring difficult.

Kelly Morrow continued to provide strong drive and direction for Ranges down the court.

In the last quarter, Ranges found greater momentum in their play and were able to capitalise on Ports' mistakes.

Ranges proved they are a versatile team and Ports put up a fight and made Ranges work right to the end in a wet and slippery game.

E grade

Kimba 10 def by Cowell 42

Cowell came out strong against Kimba, in the Tigers' first home game for the season.

Cowell was quick to settle in the first quarter with excellent play down the court and led Kimba 13-2 at quarter time.

The second quarter saw the home team make considerable changes, but unfortunately small unforced errors kept Kimba to a one goal quarter to which Cowell utilised and expanded their lead to 22-3.

Kimba came out stronger in the third quarter and increased their defensive pressure down the court and were rewarded by gaining five goals.

However, Cowell's accurate shooting and rebounding saw them maintain their lead going into the fourth quarter.

Throughout the last quarter Kimba continued to work hard and optimise each centre pass and turnover.

Despite Kimba's efforts Cowell was too strong and eventually sealed the game 42-10.

Eastern Ranges 40 def Ports 19

It was a scrappy start by both teams with lots of turnovers and loose balls.

Inaccurate shooting proved costly for both sides.

Ava Jenner worked hard in goal defence and Hannah Evans dominated the centre.

Lauren Millard in goal attack shot and moved well, along with Leni Richardson in goal shooter for Ranges.

Ranges lead by three at the first break.

The home side made some position changes in the second quarter.

Ranges' Lexi Burrows tried hard and was rewarded with some intercepts.

Good rebounding by Sarah Weiss added to the score.

Ports goal defence Miranda Millard and goal keeper Erica Millard worked hard, but Ranges added to their score, going into half time 16-8.

Ranges began the third quarter with some good passages of play.

Gabby Taheny passed well into the ring for Ranges.

Ports goal keeper Grace Jacobs worked hard in the defence ring and Ranges goal keeper continued her good work.

Ranges increased their lead to 30-15 at three quarter time.

Ports applied good defensive pressure to start the final quarter.

Ranges passed well into their ring, increasing their lead to win 40-19.

E2 grade

Kimba 34 def Cowell 4

Kimba started confident and picked up where they left off from their Port Lincoln Carnival (Div 2) win.

The first quarter saw Kimba move the ball cleanly through the attack end.

Cowell's work at Lincoln also paid off, with the experience and improvement to their game rewarding them with a great goal in the first quarter.

Kimba continued working hard to convert and through persevering with their attempts at goal they finished the quarter 10-1.

The great passages of play continued for both teams with Cowell finding their way to the ring and converting several times.

Kimba settled, with some great defensive pressure and strong drive into attack which pushed them forward, finishing the third quarter strongly, 24-4.

The strong defensive pressure was maintained by both teams, however Kimba's experience showed through as they continues to cleanly drive through the attack end and finish the game on top 34-4.

All girls played with great sportsmanship and spirit reflective of the pink day.

Jarrah Moseby-Read received the award for her great driving into the ring and strong defence in the second half.