Students join in the conversation

Kimba's main street is shut down for some keg racing.
Kimba's main street is shut down for some keg racing.

The young people of Kimba have been brought into the conversation about the town's future as part of the Community and Economic Development Strategy consultation.

Community development consultant Peter Kenyon praised the town's youth during his second visit to the town this year, and said they were some of the most passionate about their town that he had seen.

Engaging and retaining young people is a priority for the Kimba District Council, which has been working closely with the Student Forum this year.

On the final day of last week's community conversations, the Student Forum hosted a scavenger hunt through the town for over 50 younger children, ending in a street party with a variety of games.

At various checkpoints, students were prompted to provide feedback about the town which will be considered as part of Mr Kenyon's strategy.

The council is also assisting the Forum in developing their own projects to improve the community.