Eastern Eyre Netball | PHOTOS


B grade

Eastern Ranges 34 def by Kimba 54

Both teams started strong, applying pressure down the court.

Kimba shot well and made the Ranges girls work for their goals in an even game with timely intercepts throughout the quarter.

The second quarter saw another even start with turnovers from both teams with players applying pressure leading to a few three seconds from both teams.

Kimba's goalies delivered when in possession, while Ranges' goalies were slow ti start but found their groove.

Kimba finished the quarter strong to lead by five.

Ranges came out strong in the third, however they made errors before settling, with Emma Nield making timely turnovers.

Kimba's mid court applied valuable pressure with Laura Fitzgerald shooting well.

In the final quarter, Kimba came out fighting strong with great turnovers, shooting well and great defensive pressure, coming away with a solid 20 goal win.

C2 grade

Eastern Ranges 47 def Kimba 11

Perfect conditions at Rudall saw Eastern Ranges and Kimba have their first match-up of season 2019.

Both teams look a little different this year with new players on each side.

The game started quite fast with some strong defence from both Kirsty Segon and Ange Harris from Ranges and Courtney Johnson and Jamisen Maitland of Kimba.

This made it hard work for all goalies, but eventually Ranges found some shooting form and with a couple of turnovers, the Ranges team went into the first break leading 12-2.

Changes were made from the Ranges side, bringing Cassie Elson into goals and Rachel McDonald on at WD.

Ranges continued to shoot accurately, while Kimba found it tough in their goal ring, with tight defence coming from Ranges.

Kimba showed great movement in their centre third but just couldn't continue this into their goal ring.

Half time saw Ranges make more changes throughout their team but they settled very quickly, making strong leads down the court and then being rewarded by accurate shooting by goalies Nat Roberts and Lauren Siviour.

Courtney Johnson continued to work hard for Kimba in their defence and was backed up by the mid-court players who were giving it their all.

Ranges slipped away as the game went on and had a convincing lead at three quarter time, 33 to 7.

The last quarter saw Ranges come out strong, making some great turn-overs early.

Although changes were also made for the last quarter, they were able to adapt and finish very strongly.

Kimba never gave up and had some goals finally go their way.

Eastern Ranges finished the game ahead 47-11, with the score line not reflecting how all the game was played.

It was a great game played in good spirit by both clubs.


D grade

Eastern Ranges 59 def Kimba Gold 24

Ranges had a really strong start with some great passages of play.

Kimba fought hard with some nice work between their goalies.

Ranges finished the quarter with an eleven goal lead.

Kimba came out strong and determined to better the last quarter, applying pressure down the whole court.

The Ranges defence however upped their game and Kimba struggled with the extra pressure.

Kimba then gained some momentum and capitalised on their turnovers, ending the quarter Ranges 30, Kimba 15.

Ranges started the third quarter with some positional changes that took them some time to adjust to.

Kimba made changes as well and once they had adjusted were able to put together some great passages of play.

Ranges finished the quarter up by 24.

Both Ranges and Kimba had great momentum to start the quarter, making the most of their turnovers and continued with a great competitive final quarter.

Ranges finished the game winning 59-24.

E grade

Eastern Ranges 58 def Kimba 18

Ranges were off to a strong start with top shooting by Gab Taheny and lovely movement within the goal ring.

The Ranges defence was strong, causing many turnovers and Kimba's defence had a few of their own with plenty of intercepts from both teams down the court.

Ranges started the second quarter with a change in the goalies which saw Gab Taheny settle the court in centre.

While the home side intercepted Kimba's first pass, the visitors looked stronger in the centre court than in the first quarter with good passing in the goal ring.

The tight Ranges defence kept the half time score at 28-5.

The third quarter saw changes across the court for both teams.

Kimba had some nice passing into the goal ring but were then turning it over, with Ranges' accuracy bringing the lead to 42-10 at the final break.

The fourth quarter was messy, with lots of intercepts and turnovers all down the court from both teams.

Ranges had the last goal for the game, finishing with a 40 goal win.

E2 grade

Eastern Ranges 28 def Kimba 13

Kimba and Ranges started off very tight in defence with some great intercepts from both teams.

Ranges dominated early and Kimba fought back later in the quarter to trail by four.

Ranges played fiercely in the second quarter, coming out and shooting fifteen goals.

Kimba had a strong defence but couldn't get around Ranges' attack.

Kimba had a great defence in the third quarter, stopping Ranges from scoring any goals while scoring one for themselves.

Ranges had a pretty tight defence, stopping some shots at goal.

The final quarter had a slow start, but both teams gradually got the ball into the ring to get some goals.

Ranges eventually came out and won.