Horoscopes: week beginning May 19

ARIES: Until June 5 larger portions of your time will be taken up with letter writing, telephone calls and just running around town. Busiest days are May 21, 22, 29-31, June 1. Some of you will be travelling to assist a friend or relative who is not feeling the best during Tuesday and Wednesday, whilst others will travel in connection with work.

TAURUS: There is an emphasis on financial planning in the next two weeks, with recreational or children's activities figuring in your calculations. There is also luck in speculation. There seems to be a bit of paperwork connected to your monetary affairs during May 21, 22. Some of you will have discussions over ethical issues too.

GEMINI: Personal plans and routine matters take precedence until June 5, particularly in relation to domestic arrangements and family members. You can achieve the best on May 21, 22. There are many personal and domestic matters, which require your attendance throughout May 21, 22. Much personal effort is invested in planning and implementation then.

CANCER: There may be concerns over transport arrangements, relatives or neighbours, communications or contractual matters in the next couple of weeks until June 5. It is probably better that you keep your thoughts to yourself during Tuesday and Wednesday. Private studies and research work will benefit from your efforts.

LEO: Friends will play a more active role in your life until June 5, particularly those born in June and September. This is also an excellent time for furthering your own ambitions. You will have no time to be lonely during Tuesday and Wednesday as it seems the whole world is knocking at your door. There could be pleasant news about money too.

VIRGO: Until June 5, business matters, personal planning, writing and communication will exert a dominating influence over your life. Travel in connection with work is likely. Important news is likely to come your way during May 21, 22 that has some impact on your life. Such news is likely to involve your career or a parent.

LIBRA: With stimulating thoughts of faraway places, studies, legal affairs and publishing, how can there be a dull moment in your life during the next couple of weeks? The exchange of ideas will provide for a most interesting time during May 21, 22, although some of it will not be to your liking. Remain flexible in your attitudes.

SCORPIO: Scorpio will be kept on their toes until June 5, with regard to partnership concerns, loans, insurance and taxation. Expect action on May 21, 22, 29-31, June 1.: Tuesday and Wednesday is an excellent time for all forms of communication and planning to do with money. News involving a friend will cause you to reflect on life.

SAGITTARIUS: Your thoughts continually drift to your most intimate relationship in the next two weeks. However, partnership matters of any kind will also demand your time. Communications will be a particularly important feature during May 21, 22. Perhaps there is a call, letter or important piece of information, upon which you have been waiting.

CAPRICORN: Until June 5 you will be more conscious of work patterns, schedules and routine responsibilities. This is a good time to seek advice on these issues, with the best times being May 21, 22. May 21, 22 will be a busy time for working Capricorn natives as you strive to meet schedules. Overseas calls or expert advice should be featured amongst the days' events.

AQUARIUS: Recreational pursuits of the intellectual kind will present some interesting forms of entertainment until June 5. Luck in speculation is also indicated then. Youngsters, recreational interests and love will keep Aquarian minds busy during Tuesday and Wednesday. There could also be a return on speculative interests.

PISCES: The daily rituals of home and family are highlighted in the next two weeks. Don't neglect your personal responsibilities or they will certainly catch up on you. May 21, 22 should be a fairly significant time for those Pisceans purchasing property or who are on the move to new premises, as related contractual matters and travel are highlighted.

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